In UK, restaurants and pubs reopen after Easter, only outdoors. Johnson’s announcement

Feb 28 2021, 08:28 | by Gambero Rosso
The British calendar on the gradual return to normality, gives priority to schools. The outdoor dining will start again from 12 April, and only from mid-May restaurants and pubs will be able to welcome guests inside.

In UK, Covid vaccination is proceeding apace (more than 15 million people have already been vaccinated). This makes the country led by Boris Johnson - which in recent days has recorded an encouraging decrease in new positives, hospitalisations and deaths - one of the first nations in the world to be able to plan a gradual restart of social and economic activities. Expected a few days ago, the announcement of the British Prime Minister on the guidelines that will mark the calendar of reopening in the coming weeks has arrived. The formality came on the afternoon of February 22, with Johnson's speech to Parliament.

England: Restaurants and pubs start again after Easter

While British schools are preparing to welcome students back on 8 March, restaurants will have to wait until Easter festivities, in early April. Only from April 12th, therefore, restaurants, bars and pubs will be allowed to start again with the open air spaces, and without being subject to any curfew or restrictions, which, before had restricted the attendance of pubs only to guests who showed that they wanted to eat a meal (this was to limit the danger of assemblies in one of the most emblematic places of English sociality such as pubs). So, from mid-April, you can meet up with friends at the pub just for a beer. But only outdoors. More time will have to pass before customers can return to their seats inside: only from May 17, in fact, the British government will allow the reopening of indoor restaurants and pubs. Moreover, nightclubs will reopen next June 21, which in the intentions of the executive should mark the total restoration of social life. But with reservations: seven days before the dates that mark the calendar of the restart just announced, in fact, the government will have to confirm the actual opportunity to proceed, based on the updated trend of pandemic data.

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