Foody, the start-up that connects tourists to local cooks

Sep 4 2017, 06:30 | by Michela Becchi

Social eating is in constant growth, with it come a plethora of newly launched start-ups, innovative platforms developed for food sharing. The latest project is called Foody, a food tourism platform created for travellers looking for a 360-degree culinary experience.

The platform

The overall principle is the same as for other social eating platforms: creating a network of food lovers. What differs is the angle, the focus of which is more related to tourism. Foody is the latest addition to the world of social eating, a start-up born in Genoa thanks to four young gastronomes, Elena Bisio, Michele Arleo, Chiara Ricci and Ilaria Tornati. Two month-old Foody fulfils the ever-growing trend of food tourism, allowing users to discover local traditions in every city. “Nowadays food is a major element in the choice of vacation destinations. I like to compare Foody to the local friend who shares his insider tips and favourite places”, comments Elena. Visitors choosing to use the platform can therefore discover local flavours and traditions directly in the home of those locals that have joined the platform. 

How it works

Eat local with a local is the clear and efficient Foody slogan, offering travellers a 360 degree experience. Each participant will have the opportunity to get busy in the kitchen with locals, cooking specialties of the area. The creative idea is due to expand beyond the city of Genoa, where it was first launched. Further enriching the offer are food tours that bring travellers to artisan shops, bakeries and other local food businesses. 


The platform allows travellers to come in close contact with local cooks, both pros and amateurs in the name of sharing and conviviality that’s so typical of the Italian culture. In addition to this, the innovative Foody start-up has managed to successfully connect food tourism and the ever growing sharing economy, the novel business model that helps local economy through consumer awareness, saving and sharing of unique experiences with people. Will it take on in other areas?


by Michela Becchi
translated by Eleonora Baldwin

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