Dining on Italy’s smaller islands: 14 destinations for summer 2016

Slow and relaxed pace, crystal waters brimming with fish, volcanoes, vineyards, stunning panoramas… there are plenty of dining options off the mainland. Italy is studded with varying sized islands in a Mediterranean paradise. But where to dine?

Jul. 22 2016

Princi bread for Starbucks: the new alliance with the US brand and a shop in Seattle in 2017

The alliance between Howard Schultz and Rocco Princi confirms the renowned coffee chain’s attention in regards to Italy, where Starbucks will land in 2017 in Milan. Meanwhile Princi bread will be sold in the most prestigious Starbucks stores and in ...Leggi altro

Jul. 21 2016

La scampagnata – the Italian picnic philosophy

There’s an Italian expression that perfectly captures the typical day trip out of town: gita fuori porta. Literally, an excursion out of doors, leaving city gates behind. The foods consumed during said agrarian excursions define a precise cultural tradition.

Jul. 20 2016

Food education, flavor and weaning. First meals and a recipe by Entiana Osmenzeza

We know them in their professional kitchen element. But how do chefs eat in the privacy of their home? Moreover, how do they cook for their children? We asked for tips and got additional advice from neonatal doctors, pediatricians and ...Leggi altro

Jul. 19 2016

All about the tradition of mixing coffee and ice in Italy and the rest of the world

In Lecce “caffè con ghiaccio” is a sacred ritual. The inventor is Antonio Quarta, but the beverage’s roots plunge deep in antiquity and far from the Italian peninsula. Vietnam to Australia, the history of the Puglia beverage

Jul. 18 2016

A word about “Generation Treaters”. How the UK market is changing

British wine market is evolving. Young people look for high quality products and leave cheap supermarket wines behind. The analysis of a new developing trend.

Jul. 17 2016

Amorim presents NDtech, the electronic nose that recognizes the smell of corked wine

With an investment of 10 milion euros in 5 years, the big Portugese cork company creates an innovative new technology to prevent wine form TCA.

Jul. 16 2016

Science in wine. Grape bacteria and yeasts in wine: new discoveries with DNA testing

Research group Biotenol of Università Rovira i Virgili (URV) in Tarragona, Spain coordinated by scholar Albert Mas, reached an important new result through massive parallel sequencing. Results show the variety of bacteria that live in grape skins and in wine ...Leggi altro

Jul. 15 2016

From Nervesa to Canada ….and back. A vineyard designed for export

The story of Ermenegildo Giusti begins in the Colli Asolani, develops in the other side of the globe and then ends back in Montello. Between Treviso, Venice and Asolo, Giusti has improved and modernised his family's property.

Jul. 14 2016

Travel. Valais: aromas and flavors of the Swiss Alps

High altitude raw milk cheeses, chocolate and meat from grass-fed bovines. Plus organic wines and aromatic herb liqueurs. We’re in the heart of the Valais Canton, where environmental safeguard is paramount. As well as fondue and raclette.

Jul. 13 2016
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