Michela Becchi

“Pasticceri e Pasticcerie 2017” guide. Maurizio Colenghi of Dolce Reale

Montichiari, in the province of Brescia, is teeming with great bakers. Only a few kilometres from the country’s landmark bakery meccas – Pasticceria Veneto – kingdom of Mr. Iginio Massari, is a new artisan who was recently awarded with the...

Michelin Tokyo 2017, Japanese food mecca boasts 227 star-studded restaurants

The Michelin Guide celebrates its tenth year reviewing Tokyo, officially the city with the most Michelin star restaurants in the world, on a total of 543 venues listed, 227 were bestowed the coveted star. The 12 recipients of the 3...

“Pasticceri e Pasticcerie d'Italia 2017” guide. Walter Musco of Pasticceria Bompiani

Brand new listings in the top positions of this year’s Pasticcieri e Pasticcerie 2017 guide awarded the coveted Tre Torte recognition. One of these is Walter Musco, and his Pasticceria Bompiani in Rome. Here is his story.

From Bandiera Blu to Spiga Verde: the new environmental recognition for rural areas

After Bandiera Blu, the emblem that marks Italy’s most pristine beaches now comes Spiga Verde, the recognition of quality that singles out the towns that shine the most in environmental education and sustainability.

Design Food. Indoors and outdoors

Dining in or out? Here are some good examples of innovative and original chairs, tables and tools for your meals, some items that are playfully in-out, but also past-future.

Travel. Castilla-León: the mushroom tradition and nature of Soria

Enchanting views, timeless places, fertile lands. In northwestern Spain region Castilla-León, generous nature bars delectable fruits that characterize the local cuisine: mushrooms and truffles.

Standart: the Slovak magazine entirely dedicated to coffee

Slovak origin, an international editorial staff based in Vienna writing articles in English, ladies and gentlemen meet Standart, 1 year-old quarterly specialized in coffee.

Return to the future. The volcano’s vineyards, island model

Timing is everything. The pace is slow, like nature’s rhythm, like that of agriculture, of the vines. Time and rhythm, like the smoke that fills every breath, is measured by the volcano. ’A Montagna, it’s called around here. Etna’s viticulture...

Michelin UK and Ireland 2017. The Fat Duck takes back its three stars, and London’s oldest Indian restaurant receives due reward

Britain and Ireland’s Michelin recipients: the return of Heston Blumenthal, the long-awaited triumph of The Ritz London, the victory of Indian cuisine and 7 newly bestowed stars in the English capital

UberEats worldwide: the rapid expansion of novel food delivery

Transportation giant delves into food delivery: UberEats appears to have set off to a great start since its inception a few months ago. Now the newly inaugurated service aims at hitting Europe and reducing costs for consumers.
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