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Find out more about British pubs

Origins, history and legends of British pubs (now reopening indoors)

In the United Kingdom there is nothing better than spending the evening at the pub, whether to taste the local cuisine or simply to go for a beer with friends. But how did these pubs come into being? Here's their ...Leggi altro

May. 31 2021
Find out more about alcohol-free wine

Alcohol-free wines. Just to clarify: what does the EU literature really say?

L’Europa vorrebbe armonizzare una pratica già adottata in altri Paesi, ma in Italia il mondo vitivinicolo si spacca tra chi urla allo scandalo e chi vi vede delle nuove opportunità. Dubbi sul termine “restitution of water”, ma Bruxelles smentisce l’annacquamento ...Leggi altro

May. 31 2021

Club Sandwich: theory and practice

We asked 50 chefs, all Italian and busy working both at home and abroad, what they preferred biting once they had closed their kitchens: the answer is club sandwich.

May. 29 2021
How to organise a weekend in Cilento

Weekend in… The coastal towns of Cilento

Our mini-guide series designs itineraries with addresses and insider tips for visiting lesser-known treasures in Italy. The series is conceived to support the local economy of small businesses through sustainable travel. Today we put the focus on three seaside villages ...Leggi altro

May. 28 2021
Find out more about wine serving temperature

The most common mistake with wine: the wrong serving temperature

A wine served too cold or too hot is one of the worst services we can offer the customer, damaging all the work done by the producers. Here are a few rules.

May. 28 2021
Find out more about the best babà in Naples

Where to eat the best babà in Naples

Each pastry shop has its own secret recipe, many artisans make modern versions, others remain faithful to tradition. In any case, the babà pastry in Naples is a serious thing: here's where to buy the best.

May. 27 2021
Find out more about Zorzetting

Zorzettig: around the world to share the essence of Colli Orientali del Friuli

A reality that today counts on 115 hectares of vineyards, with a production of 800,000 bottles and which is increasingly oriented towards economic and environmental sustainability: here's Zorzettig.

May. 27 2021
Find out more about Rocca di Castagnoli

Top Italian Wines Roadshow. Rocca di Castagnoli

Wine is only one of the facets of Rocca di Castagnoli: here's the story of the estate.

May. 26 2021
Find out more about family bars in Italy

Family bar in Italy: breakfast and snack places to visit with the kids

Partly playrooms, partly cafes, family bars are favourite places for parents to enjoy a good snack while their children play or are engaged in recreational activities. Here are not-to-be-missed addresses.

May. 26 2021
Find out more about the history of babà

Babà: history and legend of the Neapolitan sweet born in France

Strange but true, the babà has its roots in Lorraine and owes its origin to a Polish ruler in exile. The story of the most beloved cake of Naples.

May. 25 2021
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