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Books about food

Food: local, global, mediatized. Three books worth reading

Christmas is coming and it's time to start thinking about presents. What about a good book? For all the food lovers, here is a list of perfect readings. 

Nov. 30 2018

Merenda, the Italian mid-afternoon snack (and a recipe)

There’s no proper translation in English for the word merenda. In the Italian daily eating routine, merenda is a meal that is enjoyed between lunch and dinner: that sweet or savoury food break that picks us up in the dullest ...Leggi altro

Nov. 29 2018

Chianti on Tour: Warsaw and Hamburg with Gambero Rosso

If Chianti is the name of the most famous Italian wine in the world, how many can say they're familiar with its territory and sub-areas? A few, for sure. This is why Consorzio del Chianti and Gambero Rosso have joined ...Leggi altro

Nov. 29 2018
Fauchon's restaurant

Fauchon’s first gourmet hotel in Paris. The historic French deli launches into hospitality

In Paris, Fauchon is among the most celebrated gastronomic boutiques. Now, the iconic French gastronomy makes its debut in the hotels world. 

Nov. 28 2018

Toyosu: the new Tokyo fish market. After over 80 years Tsukiji retires

Marked by years of announcements and delays, the fate of the Tokyo fish market - among the most famous in the world - has finally found a stable configuration and has moved to Toyosu. 

Nov. 27 2018

Food trends in Milan. The most interesting are in Chinatown

In the area surrounding via Paolo Sarpi in Milan, is Italy's most important and industrious Chinatown. Now, after an initial immigration period one hundred years, the Chinese community is one of the most solid, boasting advanced gastronomy that's difficult to ...Leggi altro

Nov. 27 2018

Tre Bicchieri in Shangai and Vini d’Italia in Beijing

Long are the days when people thought that the Chinese market was still difficult to interpret, due to the size of the nation, or an uncoded wine culture that seemed to want only wines of very low price or Bordeaux ...Leggi altro

Nov. 25 2018

Tre Bicchieri 2019 Previews. Piedmont’s best wines

This year 43 Nebbiolos (58%) earned our highest honors, a good number considering that 2014 was a tough year for Barolo. All the best wines from Piedmont, according to Vini d'Italia guide. 

Nov. 22 2018

Tre Bicchieri 2019 Previews. Tuscany’s best wines

The magic hills of Chianti Classico, Montalcino, Bolgheri and Maremma are an irresistible magnet for those who believe themselves capable of making great wine. Here is a list of the best wines from Tuscany. 

Nov. 21 2018

Tre Bicchieri 2019 Previews. Veneto’s best wines

A number of Valpolicellas earned Tre Bicchieri in this edition, and we’re pleased to observe how the style of their Superiore is finding a more authentic identity. All the best wines from Veneto, according to our Vini d'Italia guide. 

Nov. 19 2018
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