Wine Travel Food - January 2020

Feb 6 2020, 09:27 | by Gambero Rosso
In the January issue of Wine Travel Food you will find our analysis of the new decade: what will happen in the food and wine sector?

Decade Previews. What will happen in the Twenties in food and wine?

The new decade that started deserved investigating into. And we, with all our limitations, have attempted. We’ve made a list of the most influential characters of the world of wine and food...

The identifying wine of a land of gastronomic Bounty. Why is Oltrepò placing all bets on Pinot Nero?

A historical territory of Italian wine struggling to find an identity and hides its gastronomic treasures. In this sort of South of the North, it has increasingly been understood that the true identity grape variety is Pinot Nero...

Top Italian Restaurants in Bangkok

There are restaurants in Bangkok that specialise in carbonara and cacio e pepe. Along the main arteries of one of the world’s most vibrant cities, there’s room for solid Italian cuisine. Gianni Favro was the pioneer, soon followed by many pros coming from Italy...

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