Food education, flavor and weaning: toddler meals and a recipe by Iside De Cesare

The third and last installment of the journey in correct nutrition focuses on the toddler years. After complementary feeding, vegetarian and vegan regime, today we address risk of obesity.

Food education, flavor and weaning: 7 to 12 months and a recipe by Marco Martini

In the first installment of this series we spoke of weaning children off milk, and more appropriately integrating complementary nourishment in general. Now we’re seeking answers in regards to whether meat is essential or not (in light of recent accounts...

Food education, flavor and weaning. First meals and a recipe by Entiana Osmenzeza

We know them in their professional kitchen element. But how do chefs eat in the privacy of their home? Moreover, how do they cook for their children? We asked for tips and got additional advice from neonatal doctors, pediatricians and...
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