7 Italian summer recipes

Cold and tasty dishes from seasonal ingredients, easy to prepare. Here are the typical Italian recipes to try out in the summertime.

Jamming, Canning & Preserving the Italian summer

Stocking up food in large capacities was a post-war necessity and pure common sense. No supermarket was available around every corner for last-minute grocery rounds. Produce was generally home-grown and consumed according to season. Surplus from the harvest was pickled,...

Seasons in the Italian garden: the fruits and vegetables of August

For Italians, eating seasonally is a no brainer. Many would never consider eating tomatoes or strawberries in January, or tucking into porcini in July. Eating seasonally means fresh ingredients at the height of their flavour. Here’s what is in season...

Top 10 central Italy restaurants for the end of summer

Italians summers can last as long as mid-October, and sometimes even beyond that. Despite this climate extension, Italians are slowly getting ready to bid summer goodbye. This comes with back-to-school anxiety and office blues. The best way to fight this?...
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