Suspended coffee in the cafes of Kyiv: a gesture of solidarity for the military

A coffee or a sweet already paid to send a message of hope to those who risk their lives to defend the country. The tradition of suspended coffee has arrived in Kyiv.

In Monza the new “Autism Friendly” Coop market dedicated to people affected with autism

Redeveloping an abandoned area thus facilitating shopping for autistic people, so as to make it part of a daily routine. Here is the ambitious project of the new Monza Coop.

Restaurant chefs fight hunger in this summer of solidarity

There are currently 30 chefs in the charity’s solidarity campaign in the fight against malnutrition in 47 world countries. Italian culinary celebrities are part of the list of ambassadors in the “Ristoranti contro la fame” project. Here’s how you can...

Earthquake in Amatrice: the food world’s fundraising efforts

The food world is taking action in support of victims of Italy’s most recent earthquake. Many initiatives involve cooks, producers, restaurateurs and farmers. Participation is crucial for both immediate support in the state of emergency and subsequent reconstruction.
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