Gianluca Legrottaglie and the American dream (come true)

Gianluca Legrottaglie to open two new locations of pinseria Montesacro in the Bay area, replicated also in New York.

Simone Cipriani opens Ground at the Plaza Hotel Lucchesi in Florence

Simone Cipriani doubles the offer at the Plaza Hotel Lucchesi in Florence with the Ground and rooftop restaurant while awaiting the reopening of Essenziale

Denis Lovatel's pizzas with wild herbs at the Rosa Alpina restaurant

Low salt dough, flavoured with a mix of dried and blended wild herbs, combined with local raw materials. Here are the new pizzas by Lovatel at the Rosa Alpina restaurant.

Tour of Lake Como to understand the reasons for the gourmet trend

It all started with George Clooney. Who would have expected it? In a placid, quiet area, suitable for families or maybe elderly couples, arrives the Hollywood star, he buys a villa and from that moment on is a veritable invasion...

Pino Cuttaia. The cuisine of memory

Pino Cuttaia is one of the top chefs in Italy. He uses recipes of his childhood, which allow him to cook and reinvent, remembering past moments. Here's the story.

The idea of Garbage Cafè, hailing from India: free food in exchange for plastic and polluting waste

The restaurant, destined to feed the less affluent for free, will also serve to raise awareness among the local population on the importance of recycling: here's the new Garbage Cafè in India.
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