Ana Ros opens Hisa Franko’s pantry for delivery. Wines, cheeses and products of Slovenia in all of Europe

Rose chutney, dulce de leche with mountain milk and homemade kimchi are the most curious products of a pantry of delights that also stocks cheeses aged by Valter Kramer in the cellar of Hisa Franko. While waiting for the lockdown ...Leggi altro

Nov. 20 2020

Fortune cookies: history, origins and success of the Japanese treats

We first came to know them through American films, then in the Chinese restaurants of Europe. But the famous cookies containing prophecies are actually a Japanese specialty. Here's the whole story.

Nov. 17 2020

Marzipan: history, recipes and variations of the typical sweet pastry of Sicily

Colourful and tasty fruit-shapes in Sicily, lucky pigs in Germany, cakes for tea in Great Britain: here are the many variations of famous marzipan.

Nov. 16 2020

Tinned meat: history of the iconic canned product

There was one case, in which it even fed crews trapped in the ice for two years: the story of legendary tinned meat.

Nov. 16 2020

History, tales and success of gingerbread men

Christmas cookies are now known everywhere with their English name, gingerbread men. Their origin, in fact, can be traced back to the Elizabethan court. But not only...

Nov. 13 2020

Typical products of Lazio: the specialties of Ciociaria

Rustic sweets, cured meats and cheeses: the south-eastern part of Rome offers a series of traditional specialties that beg to be discovered. Here's the typical food of Ciociaria

Oct. 11 2020

Food gelatin: history, uses in cooking and recipes

Canned meat, puddings, aspic: food gelatin is a valid ally in the kitchen to thicken preparations. But for those who don't want to eat animal products, there are also plant-based options.

Sep. 10 2020

Everything about vinegar. But the real thing!

It's easy to say "vinegar". But under this simple and immediate term hide all manner of ingredients, worlds, cultures (and even by-products) that have been part of human history since its inception. Here's to the rebirth of the vinegar tradition ...Leggi altro

Apr. 09 2020

Made in Fukushima. The rebirth of a contaminated agricultural territory in a book on (and made of) rice

The project is the result of a collaboration between Serviceplan and the German graphic studio Moby Digg. The result is a book––printed on Fukushima rice paper––that tells a true story of agricultural rebirth, where life was interrupted as a result ...Leggi altro

Sep. 18 2019

Abruzzo cuisine: regional products, A to Z

Think arrosticini and ferratelle, by way of pecorino and mostaccioli: here's the best Abruzzo food.

Jul. 29 2019
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