Pizza: how classic pizzas most loved by Italians were born

The choice on the pizzeria menu is getting wider, more refined and delicious thanks to the great pizza artisans, but the traditional toppings remain a staple for many. Here is the history of the "Marinara," the "Margherita" and other historic...

Prosciutto San Daniele Dop, the top Italian ham

This unique product is born from the small town in the province of Udine. A salt-cured meat that becomes sweet and melts in the mouth. Only three ingredients allowed: Italian pork meat, sea salt and the San Daniele microclimate

Summer cooking. Five breakfast ideas for the weekend

Hot weather can often make you lose your appetite. Having breakfast, though, is something you should never give up. Here are a few delicious recipes to start the day.

Regional cuisine: Alphabetical guide to the products of Puglia

The ages-old Apulian cuisine is one respectful of the seasonal cycle, and divided among land-based dishes and coastal seafood ones. Today we explore the cookery art of Puglia.

Granita: 8 variants from Italy and around the world

In Sicily it is enjoyed at breakfast with a brioche bun, in Rome it is sipped while walking, but how do they prepare granita abroad? Here are some curiosities.

August seasonal fruit and vegetables: what products to buy

Lots of fruit to choose from plus aubergines, peppers, tomatoes: in August we prepare for winter with preserves and purées.

All about garlic: properties, benefits, types and recipes

When fresh, garlic has a sweet and fruity taste, as it dries, the flavour becomes more aggressive and spicy. In any case, this bulb is good for our health.

Grappa, the Italian distilled beverage par excellence

From waste product to national liqueur, grape residue brandy has its origins in the Middle Ages. Here is a compendium to gain access in the magical world of grappa, populated by stills and present day "alchemists" as well as the...

All about cherries: types, flavors and the recipe for a perfect cherry pie

It's impossible to resist cherries. Among the best summer fruits of all the time, cherries can be used in different recipes: here are a few tips to make a good cherry pie.

Friselle: history, origins, variants and recipes of quintessential summer lunch

Among the fresh dishes preferred by Italians in the summer are friselle. Crispy donut shaped crackers topped with tomatoes or other ingredients: here are some ideas.
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