5 no-cook summer desserts to make at home

Puddings and cold cakes are a godsend when you have guests over but no desire to turn on the oven. Here are summer desserts you can make without baking.

Jul. 27 2021

Apricots: nutritional properties, benefits and recipes

One of the world's largest apricot producers, Italy boasts many varieties throughout the peninsula. Let's get to know the queen of jams better and discover a new way to use it, thanks to bartender Nicola Mancinone.

Jul. 26 2021

Piemonte told in 12 traditional biscotti plus a recipe for ‘baci di dama’ by the Gallizioli bakery

In the world of cookies and biscuits – a varied scenario of traditional recipes that often draw from historical events – today we land in Piemonte. Bonus recipe by maestro Walter Gallizioli.

Jul. 21 2021

Goat’s milk. Properties, benefits, price and where to find it

Many prefer it thinking it's lactose free, but in reality goat's milk is not suitable for the lactose intolerant. It is excellent, however, for children and those suffering from osteoporosis. Properties and characteristics of this product.

Jul. 21 2021

Truffles year round? There’s a new method of conservation

It promises to be an innovative conservation tool, dedicated to one of the most prized products: the truffle. A system that uses ultrasound technology, temperature, humidity. Here's how it works.

Jul. 16 2021

Abruzzo cuisine: regional products, A to Z

Think arrosticini and ferratelle, by way of pecorino and mostaccioli: here's the best Abruzzo food.

Jul. 06 2021

Coming home. The story of Alla Casa Vecchia in Pacentro (and their cheeses)

Fresh, aged, blue-veined: the goat cheeses from this farm in Pacentro, in the province of L'Aquila, are all good and handcrafted by a local family. A young mountain enthusiast tells the story.

Jun. 22 2021

Popcorn: all about nutritional values, recipes and how to make it at home

Tasty, easy to make, perfect with a good film: popcorn is one of the most beloved snacks of all time. But how was this snack discovered? Here is the history and recipes of popped corn.

Jun. 22 2021

Tinned meat: history of the iconic canned product

There was one case, in which it even fed crews trapped in the ice for two years: the story of legendary tinned meat.

Jun. 18 2021

Learning more about honey: an essential glossary

Before investigating the best Italian honey producers (more in the upcoming few days, lasting a few months), we went in search of all the technical terms to learn more on the topic. Here are the words you need to learn.

Jun. 18 2021
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