Don’t call them spaghetti bolognese: the difficult relationship between Bologna and its most popular recipe, abroad

We were at the Marconi airport in Bologna for the presentation of “Don't call them spaghetti bolognese. A Bologna souvenir" to learn more about the bond between the city and its most famous dish abroad.

Oct. 07 2019

Forgotten recipes. The meat sauce

We attempted making meat sauce, a fabulous concentration of flavours and aromas that have gradually disappeared from cookbooks over the years.

Aug. 02 2019

Cassinelli in Astoria: the history of Italian pasta in New York

The oldest Italian pasta factory in Astoria, New York, invites customers to closely observe the pasta production process. Here's the story of Cassinelli.

Jul. 29 2019

Origin and history of Pasta alla genovese

We combed through old recipe books to understand the origin of Pasta alla Genovese.

Jun. 05 2019

Holiday pastas, the typical Christmas shapes

Choosing the holiday menu is perhaps one of the most difficult to make for Italian gourmets, starting with pasta courses. Here are the typical traditional pastas enjoyed from North to South.

Jan. 08 2019

Barilla turns 140 years: origins, development and expansion of a grand Italian family

It all started over a century ago in a small family-run shop that sold artisan bread and pasta in Parma, the year was 1877. Sowing the seeds of the family business is Pietro Barilla, within a few years the brand ...Leggi altro

Jun. 20 2017

Marche. Offida, the reign of wine and deep-fry

Offida is known for its handmade lace, but today’s visitors are more interested in its traditional food and wine. The area’s fruity white and assertive reds have kept up with the times.

May. 07 2017

Pasta makers in Bologna, top 11 places for the good stuff

[caption id="attachment_133247" align="alignnone" width=""]Tabgliatelle[/caption] With this story we initiate a new series that features the best homemade pasta producers in Italy. Visiting various cities, we will explore the best artisans that produce their own homemade tagliatelle, tortelli and ravioli, and ...Leggi altro

Mar. 15 2017

Pasta Flyer, pasta fast food joint in New York City. The new challenge of Del Posto chef Mark Ladner

After a decade at the helm of Manhattan’s celebrated restaurant and a long-standing partnership with Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group, chef Mark Ladner switches his kitchen in spring to focus on a project based on quick pasta dining turnaround. 

Jan. 11 2017

Denny Imbroisi, Ida in Paris. An Italian in France

He named his restaurant after his sister, Ida, and parisians are going mad for his pasta based menu. Denny Imbroisi has enchanted his customers with the taste of traditions.

Jun. 19 2016
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