Don’t call them spaghetti bolognese: the difficult relationship between Bologna and its most popular recipe, abroad

We were at the Marconi airport in Bologna for the presentation of “Don't call them spaghetti bolognese. A Bologna souvenir" to learn more about the bond between the city and its most famous dish abroad.

Jul. 22 2021

Is Luca by Pixar really a tribute to Italian culture and cuisine?

Pasta is so present in Luca, the Pixar film released on June 18, 2021, that Pastificio Garofalo has created a competition dedicated to this theme. But how is the Italian gastronomic culture represented in the film?

Jul. 14 2021

Origin and history of Pasta alla genovese

We combed through old recipe books to understand the origin of Pasta alla Genovese.

May. 18 2021

Orecchiette with turnip tops, the original Apulian recipe: 10 tips and tricks

We asked four Apulian chefs for tips on making orecchiette with turnip tops. Here are the 10 tricks to get them right.

Apr. 19 2021

Week of Italian cuisine in the world. A cannelloni recipe by chef Antimo Maria Merone

Chef Antimo Maria Merone explains how to make the perfect Italian cannelloni.

Feb. 02 2021

Week of Italian cuisine in the world. Luigi Fineo, the flavors of Southern Italy in LA

Luigi Fineo teaches us how to make Italian cavatelli, a typical pasta from Southern Italy. Here's the recipe.

Jan. 25 2021

Forgotten recipes. The meat sauce

We attempted making meat sauce, a fabulous concentration of flavours and aromas that have gradually disappeared from cookbooks over the years.

Jan. 10 2021

Christmas recipes. Christmas eve dinner ideas

Christmas eve is finally here. Here are a few ideas for tonight's dinner.

Dec. 24 2020

Christmas recipes. Spaghetti with clams

The liquid released by the clams is very savoury: this is why spaghetti with clams are the perfect tasty Italian classic for Christmas eve. Here's the recipe.

Dec. 10 2020

Christmas recipes. Linguine with cod with walnut sauce and fried breadcrumb

Christmas Eve in Italy is synonymous with fish. Here is a tasty recipe for linguine with cod, walnut sauce and fried breadcrumb.

Dec. 06 2020
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