Italian beach meals

As summer heat rises Italians rapidly pack up and get out of dodge. Days at the beach are intermingled with scoffing sometimes indecent amounts of food in habitual seaside lidos, rocky marine cliffs and beach resort towns.

Eat like an Italian, customs and inclinations of Italians at the table

Eating is a cultural expression. La buona tavola–the good table–is not just a euphemism for fine dining, it is the reflection of Italy’s convivial character. Here are some of the habits, customs and inclinations of how we Italians behave at...

Italian superstitions: a lot has to do with food

Italians are – for the most part – superstitious. We grow up with unspoken regulations to ward off bad luck, and just as casually perform rituals to draw in good fortune. These “habits” are very hard to lose, despite rationality...
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