World street food. India: vada pav, samosas, chaat

Intense flavours, recipes that have travelled the world, spread throughout the Middle East in different forms: welcome to India, a country of great gastronomic wealth, including street food.

Diwali, India’s Festival of Lights: traditions and typical sweets

Between late October and early November, Diwali is celebrated in India, a significant celebration characterised by candles, decorative friezes and delicious sweets with an ancient history. Here's what we eat during the festival.

Curry: origins, history and recipes using the Indian spice blend

It was born in India but it's present in many countries with different names and recipes. However, the British made it famous: voilà the long history of curry.

The idea of Garbage Cafè, hailing from India: free food in exchange for plastic and polluting waste

The restaurant, destined to feed the less affluent for free, will also serve to raise awareness among the local population on the importance of recycling: here's the new Garbage Cafè in India.
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