Fauchon's first gourmet hotel in Paris. The historic French deli launches into hospitality

In Paris, Fauchon is among the most celebrated gastronomic boutiques. Now, the iconic French gastronomy makes its debut in the hotels world. 

The new Hotel San Pietro in Positano: one of Italy’s most gorgeous hotel kitchens

[caption id="attachment_134775" align="alignnone" width=""]Zass, Positano[/caption] A year ago the illuminated owners of the 5-star hotel that clings to the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast – the founding Cinque family, presented the new kitchen of their Zass restaurant. April 7 the...

Vinum Hotels: a hotel chain for wine lovers in Alto Adige

According to Wine Enthusiast magazine, Alto Adige is one of the top 10 favourite destinations for wine lovers. For this reason, a new hotel chain is born: it's called Vinum Hotels and it's focused on the territory's best wines.
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