World street food. Germany: bratwurst, brezel and kartoffelpuffer

Besides the quintessential frankfurters, Germany has a lot to offer when it comes to street food. Here are three essential products to enjoy while walking.

Berlin goes vegetarian: (almost) meat-free menus in university canteens

Students are clamouring for vegan options in the canteens and the university is accommodating them. Here's how menus are changing in Berlin.

The plight of Germany's Ahr wine growers. Here's how to help them get back on their feet

The damage is concentrated in the western region of the Eifel range, particularly in the lush valley of the Ahr river. Here's how to help Germany's wine growers.

Week of Italian Cuisine in the World. Acquarello restaurant in Munich

Mario Gamba, Acquarello's chef, sees very few competition in regards to technical skills: he embodies Italian cullinary creativity in Germany. A real Maestro. 

Germany: strict rules and few seasonal workers in the world of wine

The world of wine in Germany is changing due to Coronavirus emergency. The safety rules are extremely strict and there can be only a few seasonal workers.

German wines and vines. Reading the labels

How much do you know about German wine culture? Here is a small glossary to help you understand more about wines and vines from Germany.
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