food education

Packed lunch yay or neigh? Mayor Appendino opposes, parents are on the warpath. Here are the school lunch guidelines

On one side the cry is, “Lunch at the cafeteria is an educational moment”, on the other, “A packed lunch is a valid alternative and cuts costs”. Now everyone is waiting for Minister of Education to settle the dispute, setting...

Theresa May on junk food and her about-face: the food industry must not be damaged

The latests statements of newly elected UK Prime Minister on preventing child obesity have enflamed those who have made the fight against junk food their mission, like Jamie Oliver. Here’s why Great Britain will not apply the promised restrictions.

Food education, flavor and weaning: toddler meals and a recipe by Iside De Cesare

The third and last installment of the journey in correct nutrition focuses on the toddler years. After complementary feeding, vegetarian and vegan regime, today we address risk of obesity.
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