California: in Napa Valley, wine tourism is a driving force in the economy

Tourist in Napa Valley are mainly attracted by the wine-related experience, especially the tasting in wineries. Here is how wine tourism is leading Californian economy.

Jun. 18 2019

Survey: Wine Spectator readers are ready to buy Italian wines

Wine Spectator readers are willing to buy Italian wines

Dec. 12 2018

California. Sustainability guides wine choices

Sustainability is one of the decisive factors in choosing a wine, according to American tastemakers. This finding emerged from a study commissioned by California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA).

Apr. 16 2017

Flippy, the new robot developed to help chefs in the kitchen

Robotics and AI are in constant evolution. Hailing from California is now Flippy, a brand new android capable of cooking and aiding chefs 

Mar. 17 2017
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