Survey: Wine Spectator readers are ready to buy Italian wines

Dec 12 2018, 12:25 | by Gambero Rosso
Wine Spectator readers are willing to buy Italian wines

Wine Spectator readers' choice

Twelve questions to understand from the readers of Wine Spectator magazine how much Italian wine is appreciated and, in particular, if the Italian Wine - Taste the passion marketing campaign, created in the USA by Ice agency, has achieved its objectives. According to the survey published in the October issue, advertising has attracted the attention of 67% of readers. 74% of them consider Italian wines comparable to refined Italian design, while 63% said that they will consider purchasing Italian wines.

Italian wines abroad

The link between craftsmanship, design and Italian artistic heritage to a fine red wine (described in the commercial) has evoked more than 70% of readers the passion for quality production. 90% of Wine Spectator readers say they drink Italian wines, while only 16% do it on a regular basis. A fact that, according to Ice, underlines the need for Italian producers to establish a more regular presence in domestic consumption and in the American dining sector, as the main objective of the US wine project launched by Ice in 2018.

Californian wines

Despite Italy remains one of the main suppliers, the study reveals that among the respondents, 34% and 48% are likely to buy a bottle of Californian wine respectively in the 10-20 dollar price range, and above 20 dollars, confirming that the main competitors in the US market are precisely the local wines.

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