Trovati 1611 risultati

Tenuta Travaglino in Calvignano since 1868

A medieval monastery transformed into a manor house in the heart of Oltrepò Pavese: here is the history and project of Travaglino winery.

Vegan Christmas: cruelty free holiday menu

All that matters, after all, is sharing Christmas with the people we love. So why not revisit tradition and create a dinner suitable for everyone? Here is our vegan menu for the Christmas holidays.

Seasonal fruit and vegetables of December: what produce to buy

It's finally here, December. The Christmas holidays are no longer a mirage and we're starting to think of family meals. Of course, with seasonal products: here they are.

Rare Wines. Franciacorta to the rhythm of pinot nero

Two signature Blanc de Noirs, fruit of great grapes and a very long ageing in the bottle: Franciacorta Extra Brut Pietro Camossi Riserva 2011 by Dario and Claudio Camossi and Franciacorta Dosaggio Zero 2013 by Maurizio Rossi

Candied orange peel, the Italian Christmas treat

Candied orange peels are one of the typical Christmas delights: chocolate dipped or pure, they can be a delicious snack as well as added to cakes.

Slow breakfast. History of Greek yogurt, porridge and French toast

There’s nothing better than a filling and delicious porridge to start the day. Here are three tasty ideas for your breakfast.

Christmas biscuits: 3 recipes to try out

From central to southern Italy, biscuits are the stars in many recipes at Christmastime. Here are three traditional recipes.

Struffoli: a Christmas treat from Naples

To characterise the creations of fried balls, decorations made of honey and candied fruit, without forgetting diavulilli, the typical coloured sprinkles. Here are the Italian struffoli.

Holiday drinks. How to make zabaglione, hot chocolate and vov

Whether you are looking for an after-dinner treat or a cake filling, here are three winter drinks that will warm you up on cold days.

Budget meals for the weekend: three recipes to try

Who says that a good cuisine must be expensive? Here are 3 budget-friendly recipes to try this weekend.
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