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Top Italian Restaurants in Sao Paulo

There is so much of Italy in São Paulo starting from the eponymous skyscrapers in the heart of the city. The Italian community is extensive, just think close to 5 million locals have at least one Italian relative in the family. By design, Italian dining is vivacious, featuring traditional venues, historical luxury restaurants and top notch pizzerias.


Leggera Pizza Napoletana

Opened in 2013, this pizzeria has conquered the Perdizes district by delighting the palate of its customers. Success is due to a careful choice of...
São Paulo 
R$ 50

Nino Cucina

Rodolfo De Santis has travelled from Puglia in Italy to Brazil, cooking for many different restaurants in the capital and after gathering lots of experience...
São Paulo 
R$ 90.0


If you are looking for an evening of luxury, tradition and history of Italian cuisine in Brazil, the Fasano restaurant is the place for you....
São Paulo 
R$ 350.0


Pierpaolo Picchi started working in the kitchen at the age of 17. He left his home in Brazil to travel to Europe where he spent...
São Paulo 
R$ 400.0
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