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Top Italian Restaurants in Oslo

Cacio e pepe in Oslo? Ravioli filled with oxtail? Yes, in the Norwegian capitol there are exquisite and reliable trattorias whose identity is well defined and the food offer is well structured. Think dreamy Italian wine cellars and pizzerias where pizza Margherita is the pretext for ordering a grand bottle of Amarone or vintage Barolos.


Trattoria Popolare

We almost risked our lives to reach Trattoria Popolare. It was the middle of winter and a slab of ice covered the entire city. Our...
kr 600.0

Campo de' Fiori

Campo de' Fiori delivers the most authentic Italian food in Oslo. As simple as that. Fabio Pezzoli is a volcano of a man, with his...
kr 450.0

Bono - Traditional Italian Food

We really like this delicatessen with traditional, authentic Italian cuisine. The venue is under the management of Andrea Bono, native of Piedmont, who also opened...
kr 400.0
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