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Trattoria Popolare

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 kr 600.0


We almost risked our lives to reach Trattoria Popolare. It was the middle of winter and a slab of ice covered the entire city. Our backflips and ridiculous falling made a few locals smile but it was totally worth it. An Italian wine list of such depth, breadth and coherence like the one at Trattoria Popolare is hard to find, even in Italy. The articulate offer features a large presence of natural wines such as Cornelissen and Occhipinti, as well as big vintage classics with non-Norwegian prices (forced on restaurants by the Vinmonopolet taxing). And with the wine list comes a classic, wholesome and no-nonsense cuisine. Even if the carbonara may have not made a true Roman happy, the ravioli with coda alla vaccinara (braised oxtail) were delicious, as well as Bbaccalà mantecato with polenta, saltimbocca alla romana and the unconventional lemon-scented tiramisu, which totally worked. Young and courteous service. Oh, and the house red wine is just as enticing…


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