Despite a year heavily marked by the worldwide health emergency,  at the end of the year Villa Sandi is going to close the company’s book with the same result of 2020. Very few wineries achieved this goal. We interviewed Flavio Geretto, Export Director of the Group.

Which actions did you put in place in order to react to the crisis?

We responded with timing and flexibility to the new scenarios that have emerged and we immediately converted meetings and tastings in digital form on various platforms. On WeChat we hold targeted tastings and educationals for the Chinese market in collaboration with the sommelier and Leon Yang, a famous key opinion leader, broadcasting live from the winery. We used the potential of the new technologies to the maxmum in collaboration with a digital marketing agency, which organized an educational and tasting in live streaming in contemporary connection with China and some South East Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Thailand and South Korea. For example, one of our online events had over a million and a half of views.

Let’s talk about news. What about the first feedbacks about the Prosecco Rosé?

The Prosecco DOC Rosé gave us a new momentum and new opportunities, and even in this case Villa Sandi has shown a good timing and attention to the needs of the market. Behind the idea of Prosecco Rosé there was the growing desire for a pink bubble by Prosecco lovers. This interest was demonstrated by an international audience and we studied it in advance. We were among the first wineries to believe in the potential of the product and we invested significantly in this direction. We were among the first ones to present the Prosecco Rosé on the market thanks to our owned Pinot Noir vineyards. We already notice a success in particular in the UK, USA, Canada, Switzerland, but also in the national market, where so far the rosé category haven’t met a particular consensus.

Which are the next challenges?

Our goal is to strengthen our deep roots in the territory with an international vision, Villa Sandi promotes the culture of Italian wine in the world, as Ambassador of the Prosecco area through events and activities aimed to international winelovers. It is an honour and a responsibility. In the last year we cooperated with Gambero Rosso for the Best Contemporary Wine List Award, which has been particularly significant. It’s a recognition of the best wine lists among Italian restaurants in the world selected in the Gambero Rosso Top Italian Restaurants Guide.  We followed the World Tour itinerary, delivering the award in each city. The last award-winning venue was Vino e Cucina in Kyiv, which boosts an incredible, deep and articulated wine collection, paired with a top service. We will continue to enhance the excellence in the world, with an eye on the work of sommeliers that know how to communicate great Italian wines, match them and propose in the best way. Next year, together with the awards we will also start an educational program in episodes on the service of wine that will beging in January, between curiosities, certainties, and mistakes not to be made. The focus will always be Italy. There’s so much curiosity, desire to learn and get involved. We will build a path that will accompany the gradual restarts and reopening of the new year. We’re confident on a prompt recovery.