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Jun 15 2021, 15:07 | by Gambero Rosso
For many years now, the company La Tordera has been committed to the environmental protection: here's the story.

La Tordera

Stunning views one after another, the territory of Valdobbiadene is characterised by steep and at the same time gentle hills, densely planted with vines and marked by the presence of tiny shelters, showing a past of toil and sweat. Here, in the spectacular scenery of the Guia area, operates the Vettoretti family, owners of some beautiful exposures: the vineyards extend over many hectares within the historical appellation "in the heart of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG", as Gabriella Vettoretti proudly confirms. "Our vineyards are located in very different production areas, from the Otreval vineyard in Guia di Valdobbiadene, at an altitude of around 400 metres, the highest on the estate, to the Cartizze vineyard with examples of century-old ungrafted vines. Today, the characteristics of the vineyards, the composition of the soil, and the morphology of the land ensure us a variety that brings back to each glass all the nuances that make this sparkling wine unique”.

For many years now, the company has been committed to the environmental protection: the winery is certified CasaClima Wine and the vineyards are grown organically. But that's not all: "Nature is at the heart of our thinking and acting" tells us Gabriella. "We are winegrowers who grew up in the enchanting Valdobbiadene hills and true custodians of the land. Our green approach develops with the passion for this work and can be summed up in the concept of 'Natural Balance', which represents our commitment to protecting the winemaking heritage passed on to us from our ancestors and parents. It also represents our commitment to producing wines that reflect and express the vineyard and the terroir”.

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The last eco-friendly step concerns the restyling of the company’s most important labels: "All the new labels are made of recyclable material, as well as the capsules produced with a totally biocompatible and recyclable material. In addition, one of the special features of the back label is the wealth of information. With a view to transparency and respect for the consumer, the quantity of sulphites and sugars contained in the wine are declared, as well as the logo of the very important CasaClima Wine certification, with some essential indications regarding the production: the agricultural tradition, cornerstone of our work (Family Farm), the importance of manual harvesting, a key aspect for processing with low sulphites (Hand Harvest), the importance of working in a structure with low environmental impact (Solar Energy, Low CO2)". A restyling that was also a way of sending a message to the La Tordera’s wide public (whose wines are exported to over 35 countries): "To all our customers and admirers, we said that we are here, ready to restart after this pandemic with a new bottle, which encapsulates in its revised form our Valdobbiadene spumante, guaranteed from the vineyard to the bottle by La Tordera".

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La Tordera wines

But let's come to the company's wines, a range entirely dedicated to bubbles. As mentioned before, it explores the different Vie del Prosecco: ranging from the Valdobbiadene DOCG, with a label dedicated to Cartizze, a true local cru, one of the highest expressions of the appellation, to Prosecco di Treviso, a younger production area with fresher and simpler wines, passing through Asolo Superiore.

Here, we suggest to try the Otreval, an Extra Brut '19 that comes from the finest vineyards in the Guia area, with aromas reminiscent of unripe apples, with vegetal hints that shape its fresh profile. In the mouth, the absence of sweetness lends a subtle, nervous, almost sharp sip. Gabriella’s suggestion is to pair it with spaghetti with Alpine butter, smoked trout and lemon jelly, or with a more international tuna and avocado uramaki. On the other hand, a completely different wine: the Tittoni '19. Produced with grapes from the banks in Vidor, this wine shows a sunny profile in its aromas and a creamy palate of bewitching sweetness, more suitable for a sea bream fillet with pink grapefruit pulp or an exotic spicy vegetarian pad thai. Let's end with Cartizze, whose creaminess and softness also allow the pairing with desserts: why not try it with a shortcrust pastry garnished with almonds and apricots, or with one of Japan's typical sweets, dorayaki.

by William Pregentelli

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