San Salvatore 1988 with its Quattro Cuori wine, wins the prize for the Solidarity Project in the Vini d'Italia 2022 guide.

Sustainability and solidarity go hand in hand with San Salvatore 1988, the brand that contains only a part of the numerous projects developed by the ebullient and passionate entrepreneur Giuseppe Pagano.

San Salvatore 1988. Not just wine: farm, cattle breeding, restaurants

Located in the Cilento National Park between the municipalities of Capaccio, Stio and Giungano, a farm that welcomes vineyards, olive groves, orchards, but also water buffalo breeds and other products that embellish the property’s own restaurants, such as the elegant Tre Olivi or the more traditional La Dispensa di San Salvatore, also in Capaccio, where dishes such as lagane and chickpeas, or pasta and potatoes have now become true collective rites. On the oenological front, we found a virtuous supply chain that has quickly gained attention, starting from the colourful range based on Fiano, Greco, Falanghina and Aglianico.

The solidarity project of San Salvatore 1988 in favour of PAIRI

A praiseworthy project starting precisely from Aglianico. “It all started with a collaboration with Gerardo Antelmo, the mayor of Cicerale, and the desire to do something more than a simple donation. I wanted to create a system, a virtuous circle, to help PAIRI (Pomegranate Autism International Research Institute) based in Cicerale. So we selected an Aglianico vineyard with the oenological collaboration of Riccardo Cotarella, on the one hand, and the technical support of Antinori, especially for the sales network,” Giuseppe Pagano told us. “Behind it there will be lots of selection, very low yields, for a wine that dreams big. In this way we will produce 1,000 magnums per year which will be sold on international markets at a cost of around 100 euros,” he added.

Quattro Cuori by San Salvatore 1988

The chosen Aglianico vineyard is Fuscillo di Paestum, on soils particularly rich in tuff, while the wine will be called Quattro Cuori. The first vintage will be 2019, a vintage particularly suited to the area. “It will be an Aglianico with structure and elegance, rich in colour and fruit. The back-label of the following years will indicate how the proceeds of the previous year were spent, with the specification of the projects carried out with the funds. It’s an important step also because PAIRI is already at the forefront in autism studies, in particular an innovative method invented by psychologist Paolo Maietta, director of the institute: a patented eye-tracker on special eyeglasses will allow on the one hand an early diagnosis of autistic children and in the future a further therapeutic approach. At the moment PAIRI, a branch of the PAIRI FOUNDATION, has innovative studies underway, such as the use of water in the Maietta Method Aquatic Multisystem Therapy, invented by Dr. Paolo Maietta, which gives decidedly encouraging results,” underlined Gerardo Antelmo, mayor of Cicerale.

Pian di Stio ’20, Tre Bicchieri for San Salvatore 1988

And finally the wine that was awarded with Tre Bicchieri recognition in the latest edition of the Guide: Pian di Stio ’20. It is a wine made from Fiano grapes grown at about 550 meters above sea level in the municipality of Stio, vinified exclusively in steel. The 2020 version, with bright green reflections, is clear and fragrant in shades of white peach and green apple, punctuated by fresh sensations of aromatic herbs. When tasted it turns out to be very well shaped, taut and long, tasty and snappy. Tre Bicchieri material.

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