Champagne: a growing passion

Aug 9 2022, 08:28 | by Michela Becchi
According to Future Market Insights, the turnover of bubbles will grow also thanks to the Asian markets. Meanwhile, new tools arrive from the Comité to ensure market balance

Wind in its sails for Champagne which, in line with the worldwide increase in the consumption of bubbles, expects a growth of 64% by 2032, reaching almost 11.5 billion dollars. In 2021, exports reached 320 million bottles for a turnover of 5.7 billion euros.

Champagne. The new trends according to Future Market Insights

The forecasts for the next ten years are by Future Market Insights according to which, in addition to the consolidated markets, the merit will also be due to the new opportunities of Asian markets, with India and China in the lead. Among the future trends identified, as a matter of fact, are an increase in the capacity of global spending, growth of developing economies and an introduction to consumption of new generations of young Asians, more likely to try new cuisines and beverages. According to Future Market Insights, therefore, the Asian market for Champagne is expected to be worth 630 million dollars by this year, equal to about 18% of the global market. For the Old World, on the other hand, an average annual growth rate of 4.6% is expected until 2032, preceded by what is estimated for the USA (5.1%). "Introducing Champagne culture to countries that do not have a great oenological tradition will be the goal guiding all the experts in the field from now for the next decade," is the comment in regards to the study by Luigi Sangermano, CEO of Laurent-Perrier Italy.

Finally, the study also dedicates a space to new ways of purchasing the product: from 2022 to 2023 online distribution channels are expected to grow at a rate of 5.2% and will represent 60% of sales. The main operators will strengthen collaboration with various online marketplaces and will refine their websites to offer customers an increasingly personalised purchasing experience.

The Comité chooses a deferred release of the reserve

Meanwhile, within the Comité, the vignerons and the maisons have chosen a new tool to guarantee a future market balance: a deferred release of the reserve (the wines of previous years), which includes the creation of credit for companies if the harvest and the reserve itself has proven insufficient to achieve the year's marketable yield. The credit, managed by the Comité, can be used for three following years as the reserve is replenished. The decision was made based on the experience of 2020 (–18% due to the Covid crisis) and 2021 (harvest slashed due to frost, downy mildew and hail).

The Comité Champagne has announced that in the next 10 years, resources will be significantly strengthened to further develop research and development actions, economic regulation actions and actions to protect and promote the appellation.

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