Cantina San Michele. The island of Marzemino (and more)

Oct 6 2021, 17:05 | by Gambero Rosso
The fully organic winery produces around 70,000 bottles from a 40-acre vineyard with an average of 25-year-old vines, with the exception of one parcel where the vines are 60 years old. Here is Cantina San Michele.

There is no more suitable term than 'island' to define the reality of Monte Netto, about six miles south of Brescia: solitary, in the middle of the plain, the plateau has been a Regional Agricultural Park since 2007. Dominated by clay-based soils, it has a completely different geology and climate compared to the surrounding plain and has fully preserved its agricultural vocation. This is the territory that gave rise to Cantina San Michele.

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San Michele. Vineyards in a green oasis

The winery is Mario Danesi’s brainchild, business economics graduate and vice-president of the Consorzio Monte Netto: in 2010, he combined passion and intuition to turn the family business around, convinced of the potential of this unique territory. He is flanked by Elena Danesi, a psychology graduate, who was won over by her cousin's clear and intuitive vision. "Thanks to its special features, the Monte Netto area is devoid of human impact and preserves its original agricultural vocation" explains Mario. "Today it is protected by the institution of the Regional Agricultural Park and enriched by the presence of the Marzemino, a native grape variety of great personality. The whole picture seems to suggest the 'island of Marzemino', whose presence in the area goes back to the 16th century".

Find out more about Cantina San Michele

The fully organic winery produces around 70,000 bottles from a 40-acre vineyard with an average of 25-year-old vines, with the exception of one parcel where the vines are 60 years old. 70% of the production is destined for Italy and the remaining 30% for foreign countries, with Germany and Switzerland being the main foreign markets. "Marzemino is our reds’ flagship, produced both pure and blended. Trebbiano (also called Turbiana), instead, dominates the whites, used for the Metodo Classico thanks to its versatility and to give life to a still wine from botrytized grapes".

Divided into three lines, the wines can be easily understood and recognized, with freshness and elegance as common denominator. An oenological style that can be found in every label, far from any kind of excess that manages to approach and involve both enthusiasts and novices, yet respecting the vine identity. "We have tried to communicate the passion and style of this adventure, so that right from the name, the label and the bottle the consumer can build an emotional connection with our project," says Mario.

The three lines:


Historical wines of Monte Netto, known for their pleasantness


  • Carme: Capriano del Colle Rosso, the blend is 50% Marzemino, 40% Merlot and 10% Sangiovese.
  • Netto: Capriano del Colle Bianco, the blend is 70% Trebbiano, 20% Pinot Bianco and 10% Chardonnay.



Wines that combine classic and innovative styles


  • Marzemino: Capriano del Colle Marzemino, pure with a dominant fruit.
  • Nubes: 100% Merlot. Muscular and delicate.
  • Equilibrista: rosé from a single 60-year-old vineyard, one of the oldest on Monte Netto. Savoury and fleshy.



Searching for the extraordinary in the Monte Netto area


  • Riserva 1884: Capriano del Colle Rosso Riserva, the blend is 50% Merlot, 40% Marzemino and 10% Sangiovese. The wine is aged without excesses in barriques and tonneaux to seek fullness and drinkability.
  • Belvedere Brut Blanc de Blancs: a blend of Trebbiano and Chardonnay, refermented on the lees in the bottle for at least 24 months. Since the 2018 vintage, the grapes are harvested when fully ripe and no exogenous sugars are used during refermentation and dosage, only must from the base wine.
  • M: a sweet red, 100% Marzemino. The grapes are dried in boxes for four months, then fermented in steel vats, aged in French oak barriques and tonneaux for six months and lastly a period of twelve months bottle aging. A wine for contemplation.
  • Otten: a pure Trebbiano, the result of particular weather conditions that allowed a wine from botrytized grapes. It reveals an incredible complexity of floral and spicy aromas, obtained without wood ageing.


San Michele – Capriano del Colle (BS) – via Parrocchia, 57 – 0309444091 –

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