Wine in a can:the Garda DOC President launches the idea for tourists and Gen Z

Jun 13 2024, 16:48
Introducing the new format would require a change in the regulations, but currently, there is no concrete proposal on the board's table. The president of the Consortium, Paolo Fiorini, stated, "A new opportunity primarily aimed at a young target audience."

Garda DOC wine cans in a super-premium format on yachts and boats sailing the waves of the great Italian lake. This is a possible scenario for the Garda DOC Consortium, which produces around 20 million bottles annually, with 60% destined for export. The market demand from Garda producers (47 members in 2023) could meet the needs of the numerous tourists (over 20 million in 2023) who frequent Italy's largest lake, starting with those on boats who would prefer cans to avoid the obvious risks of glass breakage.

Wine in a can: a smart solution

President Paolo Fiorini has opened up to the idea of wine in cans, expressing a willingness to modify production and commercial rules, considering that the DOC, encompassing territories on the border between Veneto and Lombardy, is relatively young and needs to adapt to modern trends. "Wine in a can is a possible option," the president told the weekly *Tre Bicchieri*. "Our DOC represents a territory with millennia of history that has been able to meet modern consumer needs, interpreting new consumption philosophies. With this forward-looking vision, we strongly believe we are the right denomination to seize the opportunity to introduce different formats as soon as technological development makes it possible." However, the topic is not currently on the board's agenda: "But it represents an opportunity for the denomination to embrace new developments," the president emphasized.

The target is high-spending Gen Z

The Consortium's potential embrace of this novelty would concern super-premium wines. High-quality wine could be canned to attract the interest of young sports enthusiasts and those who love to spend a peaceful holiday at Garda. Specifically, the primary target could be the high-spending Gen Z group: young wine enthusiasts, as President Fiorini explained, willing to pay more for a Garda DOC wine in a can.

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