A moving wine, rich in flavor and charm, with notes of white fruit and Mediterranean scrubland: here's Greco di Tufo Miniere '16 by Cantine dell'Angelo.

The Muto family work their vineyards of Greco situated over the historic sulphur mines in Tufo. Five hectares of terrain are cultivated personally by Angelo, who represents the third generation of family viticulturists, and Maria Nuzzolo.

Greco di Tufo Miniere

These give rise to a selection of Greco di Tufo wines that are among the most original and personal of the appellation. In the glass, Torrefavale and Minieri embody the spirit of the place, driven by flavor and freshness and tending towards mineral notes, with the Miniere even stronger in its hints of sulphur.

Greco di Tufo Miniere ’16: tasting notes

Their 2016 Miniere is a Greco di Tufo that does a good job expressing its territory. It’s a moving wine, rich in flavor and charm, uniquely sulphureous. On the nose it offers up notes of white fruit and Mediterranean scrubland. On the palate it proves savory, to say the least, salty and vibrant, extremely juicy and delicately tannic, with an energetic, endless finish.

Wine details

Greco di Tufo Miniere ’16
Cantine dell’Angelo
via Santa Lucia, 32 | Tufo (AV) | www.cantinedellangelo.com
ex – cellar price: 17.00 euros + taxes