Where to eat in Maratea: the 7 best spots chosen by Gambero Rosso

Jul 4 2024, 12:42
If you are planning a holiday in Maratea, make sure to sensibly plan a culinary tour of the best spots in the town, whether they are homey trattorias or restaurants with a view. Here are our recommendations

Known as "the city of 44 churches" due to the number of its religious buildings and their architectural value, Maratea, with just over 4,000 inhabitants in the province of Potenza, is not only renowned for its splendid sea. The town, with its narrow streets and panoramic views of the Gulf of Policastro, is a place full of charm, backed by lush green countryside. The Lucanian gastronomic tradition holds great surprises for those unfamiliar with it, especially here, where its two faces of sea and land meet. Here are the places not to miss to properly honour this tradition.

Where to eat in Maratea: the 7 best spots chosen by Gambero Rosso

La Cambusa

Restaurant. Established in the 1950s, it is located a short walk from the Fiumicello cliff. The cuisine is seafood-based, simple yet with some creative touches. Traditional seafood salad, red tuna tartare, anchovy and toasted hazelnut mayo, "avvongole" spaghetti, roasted catch of the day or "sword rolls" (swordfish rolls with escarole and Mediterranean sauce), plus the inevitable fried mixed fish. The small sharing plates are delightful. Italian and foreign wines; outdoor seating.

La Cambusa - fraz. Fiumicello - via Santavenere, 23 - 340 9714623 - lacambusamaratea.it

Da Cesare

Trattoria. The beautiful view of the sea and Capo Palinuro is the hallmark of this simple yet substantial place. The basis of the cuisine is local fish, well-selected and properly cooked. The classics include mixed antipasto, mussel sauté, spaghetti with clams, linguine with scampi or with squid ink, seafood risotto, octopus in tomato sauce, fried fish, and the daily catch. The wine cellar mainly features Campanian and Lucanian whites.

Da Cesare - via Nazionale Cersuta, 52 - 0973 871840

Il Giardino di Epicuro

Trattoria. A homey place with solid family management, located on a hill. Enjoy a beautiful panorama in an informal setting perfect for gatherings with friends or family lunches, thanks to the welcoming service. The cuisine is mostly land-based with some seafood excursions, genuine and flavorful, featuring Lucanian cold cuts and cheeses, homemade pastas, and seasonal mushrooms.

Il Giardino di Epicuro - via Massa Piano, 8 - 0973 870130 - Facebook

Lanterna Rossa - Dario Amaro

Restaurant. This charming restaurant with a panoramic terrace overlooks the enchanting marina, paying homage to the historic namesake establishment. The dual name marks the change in offering since the arrival of the new chef, born in 1990, who after various experiences in Italy and abroad, creates a cuisine where international flavors and local seafood blend with the aromas and products of Southern gardens. In the elegant dining room with an open kitchen, creative dishes are served alongside classic favorites. Rich wine cellar.

Lanterna Rossa - Dario Amaro - loc. Maratea Porto - 331 9147874 - darioamaro.it


Bistro. Opened a couple of years ago, it owes its name to the culinary intersection of Maratea and Naples traditions, the latter being the origin of one of the owners, Paolo Bidello. The menu is fresh and Mediterranean, without too many complications, featuring dishes like the "fresh fresh" eggplant parmigiana, fava bean and chicory soup, fried anchovies and calamari, and octopus with provola cheese and pancetta. Lucanian and Campanian wines with some French selections, and a sunny and empathetic service.

Manà - via dietro la rancia, 3 - 329 6797770 - manabistrot.it

Taverna Rovita

Restaurant. A historic establishment housed in an ancient friary turned tavern since the early 1700s. The wine cellar holds vintage bottles, and the decor is enriched with beautiful local and Vietri artisanal ceramics. The menu is divided between tradition, with dishes like fusilli al ferretto, ciaudedda (a typical Lucanian vegetable stew), lamb in pignata (cooked in a pot with tomato and vegetables), and seafood, with raw dishes and first courses like tagliatelle with lemon essence and raw Mazara red shrimp.

Taverna Rovita - via Rovita, 13 - 0973 258417 - tavernarovitamaratea.it

Villa Cheta

Restaurant. In a refined hotel structure equipped with all comforts, here is a dining spot worth visiting even just for the splendid view of the Gulf of Policastro. The cuisine is what one would expect in such a place, carefully selecting prime ingredients and offering a varied menu between meat and fish. Professional hospitality and a good wine cellar complete the picture.

Villa Cheta - loc- Acquafredda - ss 18 Tirrena Inferiore - 0973 878134 - villacheta.it

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