Where to eat authentic Piadina Romagnola in Rimini: top picks by Gambero Rosso

May 28 2024, 16:22
The street food – or rather, beach food – of the Romagna Riviera has an undisputed queen: the piadina. With various doughs and fillings for all tastes, here are the must-visit spots in Rimini

Water, flour, lard, elbow grease. And a cast iron griddle for optimal cooking. Then, as with the best traditions, every family has its own recipe and proportions, and today you can find piadina made with doughs to suit every taste and need: whole grain, with extra virgin olive oil, low fat, gluten-free... But no matter how you take it, the piadina, the undisputed queen of Romagna street food, remains the trademark of Romagna summers, highly popular even in the other three seasons as a perfect snack or meal at any time of day or night, especially on the beach. Despite the differences between one recipe and another, there are also characteristics that change depending on the region, such as thickness and size. The fillings offer endless creativity: besides the evergreen prosciutto and squacquerone, popular choices include sardines, roasted or marinated, and sweet options too. Here are the best places to enjoy piadina in Rimini.

Where to eat Piadina Romagnola in Rimini

Casina del Bosco

A great Rimini classic where generations have met, not just a simple kiosk. Here you'll find some of the best piadine in the area in various forms: classic, vegan, seafood, and cassoni. The pace is always lively, but quality is never sacrificed, both in the recipes and the selected ingredients and in the execution. Try the Sgudebla with gratinated sardines, radicchio, and spring onion. Local craft beer on tap.

Casina del Bosco - v.le A. Beccadelli, 15 - 0541 56295 - casinadelbosco.it

Bar Ilde

Run by the children and grandchildren of Ilde, who passed away last year, this family business is now in its fourth generation. The place, which started as a small kiosk, has expanded over time and become a true institution. But it remains the "bar of the good piadina," as the sign reads, with over a hundred combinations and a wide selection of drinks, sweets, and coffee.

Bar Ilde - loc. Colle di Covignano - via Covignano, 245 - 0541 753274 - barilde.it

Ivo La Piada e gli Oliveti

Balanced dough, tasty fillings with mostly locally sourced ingredients, a modern setting near the sea that doesn’t detract from the homely spirit of the place. Try the piada with mortadella, squacquerone, and pistachio, or the Ivo with grilled zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, and squacquerone. For dessert, there are sweet piadine. Fair prices.

Ivo La Piada e gli Oliveti - v.le Ivo Oliveti, 93 - 0541 412178 - Facebook

Dalla Lella

Nearly forty years of tradition of the classic Rimini piadina, made with abundant lard (though today there are also versions with olive oil, spelt, whole grain, Senatore Cappelli flour) according to Lella's recipe, now passed down to her daughter Marina. Also try the cassoni, red or green, stuffed with cold cuts, meats, or fish (primarily the typical marinated sardines), fresh and aged cheeses, sauces. Always cheerful, quick service.

Dalla Lella - loc. Bellariva - v.le delle Rimembranze, 74a - 0541 389460 - dallalella.it

Nud e Crud

Local flours, express cooking, carefully selected certified ingredients, and "real kilometer" sourcing: these are the hallmarks of this place now known beyond city borders, where the menu offers different categories: piadburger with excellent meats, vegetarian, seafood, gourmet. Doughs also available with EVO oil, einkorn spelt, "well-being" with fewer calories, and even gluten-free.

Nud e Crud - v.le Tiberio, 27 - 0541 29009 - nudecrud.it


Open for five years, focusing heavily on homemade fish cured meats: tuna sausage, Marlin porchetta, salmon speck. The platters are a house classic, with assorted tastings, but they also offer "traditional" and "premium" piadinas with a gourmet twist, like the Tosca with tuna soppressata and swordfish, basil mayo, sun-dried tomatoes, toasted walnuts, mixed greens, and pecorino shavings. Another location in Riccione (via Virgilio 28).

Salumarina - via L. Poletti, 6 - 331 2912027 - salumarina.it

Cover photo Nud e Crud

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