Vinitaly 2022 on the Prowein model

Apr 14 2022, 16:41 | by Lorenzo Ruggeri
Lower turnout but higher quality of operators: an edition to remember

After three years, Vinitaly regains its dominant role on the international scene. The 2022 edition was very positive. VeronaFiere closed the 54th wine exhibition with the historical record of foreign buyers. Among the 88,000 trade operators who attended the four-day event, 28% came from abroad: 25,000 buyers from 139 different countries. "Setting a record on the incidence of foreign buyers in such a difficult year in terms of the economic and geopolitical situation is anything but trivial, and highlights the determination of VeronaFiere in pursuing its objectives," said Giovanni Mantovani, General Director of VeronaFiere. Beside the figures, we experienced four days of vibrant meetings and tastings. Vinitaly brought back on stage the world of Italian wine in all its richness and biodiversity. Big wineries alongside small winemakers, the market and the authentic passion, simple wooden banquets and pyramids with gold glittering, fathers and sons passing bottles around: Vinitaly is Italian wine in all its phenomenology. We missed that warm feeling, the vitality and energy of a sector that preserves specific rituals, languages and methods. The flow was continuous, yet more rhythmic and relaxed than usual, an exhibition more consistent with the needs of professionals, with a lower turnout and more efficient services. In short, a Vinitaly on the Prowein model.

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Gambero Rosso events: Tre Bicchieri, guides and meetings

As usual, the Tre Bicchieri event opened Vinitaly on Sunday, April 10. More than 250 producers awarded with the highest score in our 2022 Vini d'Italia guide, gathered in the Sala Argento of Palaexpo. The event, sold out already several weeks ago, featured operators from over 70 different countries, confirming the international vocation of this edition. Divided into five time slots, the public was able to appreciate the excellences from all Italian regions. A true Italy in a nutshell experience. On Monday the 2022 Olii d'Italia guide was also presented (available in Italian and English), with the awarding of special prizes and the Tre Foglie accolades, the highest recognition in the guide. In addition, several tastings were led by the Gambero Rosso's experts, including the Wine & Sea Awarding Ceremony, featuring the best wines in the 2020 edition. The next cruise will hit some of the most scenic cities over the Mediterranean Sea from May 20 to May 27, while the second one will take place from November 20 to November 26 in the paradisiac Caribbean Sea. 

Protagonists’ quotes

Silvano Brescianini – President of Consorzio Franciacorta

I would start with a historical analysis. Years back, Bordeaux was the reference exhibition, then it was the turn of Prowein, which experienced a real boom 10 years ago. Today I can say that no exhibition worldwide boasts the numbers of Vinitaly and this is an extraordinary resource for Italy, a great source of pride. If we look at the past estimates, we realize that Italian wine exceeded the expectations. We recorded a turnover of 14 billion euros and 7 billion of exports, impressive figures, which go beyond predictions of years ago. Sunday and Monday have been two great days: in the Lombardy pavilion there was a lot of optimism, many wineries run out of stock. In the pipeline there is also a train station for a direct connection to the exhibition.

Michele Montresor – Owner of Ottella winery

We took back our vital spaces. Wine is our way of being together, doing business and living in a civil manner. And, now, we really need it. A great edition on all fronts.

Giovanna Prandini – President of Ascovilo

We had many quality leads. We experienced the perfect flow for tasting with ‘calma’, with the Lombardy dining area that also helped a lot. Everything was quieter, professional, with the right time to tell about our bottles. We are very satisfied.

Flavio Geretto – Villa Sandi Global Export Director

The overall impression was very positive. We had many meetings that we all attended. Technology can help you maintain the relationship with the customer, but then you need the personal contact to close the deal. The exhibition was brought to a more professional level, with many operators from all over Europe and not only. The services worked better, the main theme was sustainability, and not only environmental sustainability, but mainly social sustainability. It is being talked about more and more, in a clearer and more conscious way.

Our final quote

There is the bar to drink wine. Finally, a Vinitaly edition for professional operators at the right pace, without queuing and nervous breakdowns. The content of the guided tastings and in-depth analysis has also been improved, as well as the food offer which was of higher quality compared to the one of the Paris and Düsseldorf exhibitions. A response in grand style was expected, and it came.

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