Tre Foglie 2022. The best olive oils from Abruzzo

Apr 20 2022, 13:58 | by Gambero Rosso
Autumn rains brought new vigor to the trees in Abruzzo, resulting in a 30% increase and a total output of just over 10,000 tons of olive oil.

The Oli d’Italia 2022 guide is now released. With its fourth bilingual edition, the guide once again proves indispensable for its ease of use and ability to summarize the oils and producers reviewed. Italian extra virgin is growing in quality and in quantity: it’s a phenomenon tha can be analyzed by reading through the numbers in the guide. The top level olive oils are the ones awarded with the Tre Foglie, which define the outstanding, captivating prodcuts. Here are the best ones from Sicily.

Abruzzo's olive oil production

Abruzzo is the northernmost Italian region that managed to increase production with respect to the previous year. Autumn rains brought new vigor to its trees, resulting in a 30% increase and a total output of just over 10,000 tons. Having said that, we're talking about a territory that once again proves to be in step with the times when it comes to raising the bar, thanks in part to the presence of cutting-edge producers and mills for whom quality is the watchword.

Crognale Monocultivar Crognalegno 2021

Tommaso Masciantonio - Trappeto di Caprafico

Maria Bio 2021

Tenuta Masciangelo

Ninfa Bio 2021

Frantoio Mercurius

Salsedine 2021

Frantoio Oleario Giocondo

Timando 2021

Timando De Juliis
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