Tre Foglie 2022. The best extra virgin olive oils from Sicily

Apr 11 2022, 17:32 | by Gambero Rosso
The top level olive oils in Italy are the ones awarded with the Tre Foglie in our Oli d'Italia guide. Here are the best ones from Sicily.

The Oli d'Italia 2022 guide is now released. With its fourth bilingual edition, the guide once again proves indispensable for its ease of use and ability to summarize the oils and producers reviewed. Italian extra virgin is growing in quality and in quantity: it's a phenomenon tha can be analyzed by reading through the numbers in the guide. The top level olive oils are the ones awarded with the Tre Foglie, which define the outstanding, captivating prodcuts. Here are the best ones from Sicily.

Sicily's olive oil production

Sicily produced just over 40,000 tons of oil this year, a significant increase (30%) with respect to 2020/2021. The figure puts the region just after Puglia in terms of total output, thanks to favorable weather during fruit setting and rainfall during September and October, which mitigated the effects of the summer drought. In short, Sicily once again demonstrates that it's one of Europe's most important olive growing regions, with ample room for expansion both in Italy and abroad.

Sicily's best olive oils


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