Tre Bicchieri 2021. The 44 best wines of Veneto

Sep 22 2020, 11:25 | by Gambero Rosso
We are back with the previews of the winners of the tasting batteries for the Gambero Rosso guide Vini d'Italia 2021, today we focus on Veneto.

The winemaking landscape of Veneto

A vast region dotted with small and large denominations, Veneto pulls its weight even in the 2021 edition of our Guide. Starting from the eastern plain that stretches towards Friuli Venezia Giulia ending on the morainic hills that surround the Garda basin, alternating climatic situations and very different soils range from clayey and gravelly plains that lap the course of the Piave or Livenza, to the volcanic soils of the Euganean hills, from the basalt of Gambellara and Soave to the limestone of Valpolicella. Sometimes there are contiguous denominations, other times separated by a few kilometers of countryside where vines are not lacking.

If the eastern Veneto has embraced glera with conviction, the western part has remained faithful to the historical varieties that have lived here for centuries, with a production that alternates the fragrance of Bardolino and Custoza with the power of Amarone della Valpolicella. At the centre of the stage are the winemakers who with their work contribute decisively to the management of the territory, to the continuation of traditions and to the enhancement of that very Made in Italy excellence that is so popular around the world.

Winners of the Tre Bicchieri 2021 in Veneto

If Valpolicella always has the most representative wine in Amarone, here is a new interpretation of Valpolicella Superiore, increasingly made with finesse and tension as perfectly highlighted by Bertani's Ognisanti, which indicates a journey that is fully convincing. The far west of the region has three stars of absolute value in Cavalchina, Corte Gardoni and Monte del Frà, interpreters of a territory that plays its forte on fragrance and refinement of the wines, as if to counterbalance the Soave where the garganega grape reigns supreme and characterises the best labels with personality and determination.

The Conegliano Valdobbiadene district combines a series of labels of absolute value enhanced by the debut of Borgoluce, interpreter of a new way of conceiving agriculture, giving up monoculture and developing the large winery complex in full harmony with the environment. The role of the Euganean and Berici Hills is confirmed in the enhancement of the Bordeaux vines; and we report with great satisfaction the success of Lessinia, a little-known territory where the combination of the vine and the territory allows the production of classic method sparkling wines of great charm as evidenced by Casa Cecchin and Ca' Rugate.

Allegrini - Amarone della Valpolicella Cl. '16

Andreola - Valdobbiadene Rive di Refrontolo Brut Col Del Forno '19

Roberto Anselmi - Capitel Croce '19

Barollo - Frank! '18

Lorenzo Begali - Amarone della Valpolicella Cl. Monte Ca' Bianca Ris. '15

Bertani - Valpolicella Cl. Sup. Ognisanti '18

BiancaVigna - Conegliano Valdobbiadene Rive di Soligo Extra Brut '19

Borgoluce - Valdobbiadene Rive di Collalto Extra Brut '19

Bortolomiol - Valdobbiadene Brut Ius Naturae         '19

Brigaldara - Amarone della Valpolicella Case Vecie '15

Sorelle Bronca - Valdobbiadene Brut Particella 68 '19

Ca' Rugate - Lessini Durello Pas Dosé M. Cl. Amedeo Ris. '15

I Campi - Soave Cl. Campo Vulcano '19

Casa Cecchin - Lessini Durello Dosaggio Zero M. Cl. Ris. '14

Cavalchina - Custoza Sup. Amedeo '18

Italo Cescon - Madre  '18

Corte Gardoni - Bardolino Sup. Pràdicà '18

Famiglia Cottini - Monte Zovo - Amarone della Valpolicella '16

Dal Cero - Tenuta Corte Giacobbe - Soave Sup. Runcata '18

Il Filò delle Vigne - Colli Euganei Cabernet Borgo delle Casette Ris. '16

Gini - Soave Cl. La Froscà '18

Inama - Colli Berici Carmenere Carminium '16

Masi - Amarone della Valpolicella Cl. Mazzano '12

Merotto - Valdobbiadene Extra Dry Casté '19

Monte del Frà - Custoza Sup. Ca' del Magro '18

Ottella - Lugana Molceo Ris. '18

Pasqua - Cecilia Beretta - Amarone della Valpolicella Mai Dire Mai '13

Leonildo Pieropan - Soave Cl. Calvarino '18

Giuseppe Quintarelli - Amarone della Valpolicella Cl. Ris. '09

Roeno - Riesling Renano Collezione di Famiglia '16

Ruggeri & C. - Valdobbiadene Extra Dry Giustino B '19

Tenuta Sant'Antonio - Amarone della Valpolicella Campo dei Gigli '16

Secondo Marco - Amarone della Valpolicella Cl. '13

Speri - Amarone della Valpolicella Cl. Sant'Urbano '16

F.lli Tedeschi - Amarone della Valpolicella Cl. Capitel Monte Olmi Ris. '15

Tommasi Viticoltori - Amarone della Valpolicella Cl. Ca' Florian Ris. '12

Cantina Valpantena Verona - Valpolicella Sup. Brolo dei Giusti '15

Agostino Vicentini - Soave Sup. Il Casale '18

Vignalta - Colli Euganei Merlot Ris. '15

Villa Sandi - Cartizze Brut La Rivetta

Villa Spinosa - Amarone della Valpolicella Cl. Albasini '13

Viviani - Valpolicella Cl. Sup. Campo Morar '17

Pietro Zardini - Amarone della Valpolicella Cl. Leone Zardini Ris. '13

Zenato - Lugana Sergio Zenato Ris. '17

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