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Lodigiana Bella Lodi


Pozzali Lodigiana got its start back in 1947 when three brothers decided to start making cheese on their father's farm using their own milk along with that of local producers. In 1958 they opened their new facility in Casaletto Ceredano (Cremona), just a few kilometers from Lodi. In the 1990s they changed name and became Lodigrana, expanding and diversifying their selection and launching what would become their speciality: Bella Lodi, a black-rind cheese inspired by Lodi's great cheesemaking tradition, made with locally produced milk and according to time-honored methods. Bella Lodi is available as a ‘raspadura' (thin leaves raked off the cheese), vegetable rennet and their aged, granular and intensely flavored ‘Selezione Riserva Oro'. They also offer the soft PDO Salva Cremasco, the creamy PDO Quartirolo Lombardo, their PAT (a traditional food certification) Panerone and their Laudella, a formaggella.

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