Time Out has chosen the best sandwiches in the world. The second is Italian, here's what it is

May 15 2024, 16:19
The British online travel magazine has ranked the best sandwiches, a selection of delicacies that includes an Italian one in second place (located in the province of Bari)

by Simona Sirianni

Fifty percent of Italians choose it every day for their lunch break, and according to some studies, a person can eat an average of over 18,000 of them in their lifetime. Needless to say, whatever the filling, the sandwich is one of the most beloved foods, often preferred over other food choices. And while the hamburger, an icon of fast food, is the most consumed worldwide, the variety is endless. Every country has its traditions, and between those two slices of bread, whether white, black, or wholemeal, they insert cheese, meat, fish, or vegetables according to their habits.

The second best sandwich in the world according to Time Out

Time Out, the well-known British online travel magazine, wanted to honor this tasty specialty by ranking the best sandwiches tasted in various parts of the world. A selection of delicacies to drive carb enthusiasts crazy, among which an Italian one stands in second place: it's the legendary Tuna Tartare Sandwich from Pescaria in Polignano a Mare in the province of Bari.
So let's start with this goodness: tuna tartare, stracciatella cheese, fresh tomato, caper oil, and basil pesto squeezed together in a crunchy michetta roll. The online magazine admits that, without taking anything away from the others, this one is truly exceptional. Especially considering that it's served against an unparalleled view.

The michetta from Pescaria in Polignano a Mare

A bit of history about this delicacy must be told: the Pescaria venture was born on May 25, 2015, in a small 40-square-meter venue. Today, there are many more restaurants, scattered in various cities. "The idea was born somewhat by chance," Domingo Iudice, one of the founders, tells Forbes. "I wanted to open a fish restaurant, but I didn't know what kind. Thinking and rethinking, I had an intuition: to focus on a fish bar that sold fish sandwiches, typical of the Apulian tradition but in a new key." In essence: a fast fish food.
From that moment on, Pescaria became a reality: Domingo joined forces with Bartolo L'Abbate, an entrepreneur in the fishery sector in Polignano, and together they rented a venue. They were joined by Lucio Mele, executive chef and one of the creators of the formula. Just imagine that after two weeks of opening, they were serving 300 customers a day. The advertising? Only on social media.

The success of fast fish food

The sandwich recipes, but there are also other dishes, are the result of the chef's experience and bring together fresh fish and the best of Apulian tradition and haute cuisine in a fast version. All the variations are designed and tasted many months before they go on sale. And then there are the sandwiches for special occasions and holidays: for the Sanremo Festival, for example, the Sanremo sandwich was created with smoked salmon carpaccio, Pescaria tartar sauce, buttered spinach, and handmade potato chips.

Not only in Puglia but also at home: the recipe

Given the success of the idea, Pescaria was immediately exported to Milan, Turin, Rome, Bologna, Verona, and Trani. But if you want, even though biting into a michetta in front of the sea is a whole different experience, the now legendary sandwich can also be prepared at home. On YouTube, chef Lucio Mele reveals the secrets to make it just like he does. In short: the michetta roll should be placed in the oven for a minute to make it slightly crispy. Meanwhile, marinate the diced raw tuna, which must be of the best quality, with oil and salt and let it marinate for five minutes.

Meanwhile, slice the tomato into slices, preferably a ramato variety, sweeter. Spread basil pesto on one part of the michetta, made with basil, oil, and almonds (which replace pine nuts), without garlic though. Then add a few slices of tomato on top and a generous spoonful of stracciatella cheese. On top of that, place the tuna tartare and some arugula leaves and drizzle with caper oil made with capers in vinegar, washed, or salted capers desalted, blended with extra virgin olive oil and a lemon zest. At this point, close the sandwich, and all that remains is to enjoy this delicacy.

But what is the best sandwich?

This is what the Time Out expert did, considering it the second best sandwich he had ever tasted. However, he rated the Mie Goreng toastie prepared by Dutch Smuggler, a small hidden corner in the center of Sydney, as the best. A choice that is almost unacceptable for us Italians: it is, in fact, a white sandwich with a bed of instant noodles seasoned with spicy mayonnaise, a fried egg yolk, and melted cheddar cheese inside. In essence, carbohydrates wrapped in carbohydrates.

However, according to Time Out, this is the best sandwich tasted in the world. Among the choices, the Katsu beef sando from Live Twice in Singapore is also mentioned, a sandwich filled with wagyu marinated before being coated in panko and then fried, and the legendary Jambon beurre from Le Petit Vendôme in Paris with ham and artisanal butter on a baguette, nothing simpler, one might say, and yet. The ranking also includes a vegetarian sandwich: the rye bread sandwich filled with pan-fried broccoli, goat cheese, tomatoes, spicy mayonnaise, and a fried egg, from Boulenc in Oaxaca, Mexico. A true delight even without meat or fish.

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