The white wine with the best quality-price ratio in Italy, awarded by Gambero Rosso, is a Frascati

Nov 24 2023, 09:03
The White Wine Award for the best quality-price ratio in the Berebene 2024 guide was bestowed to a Frascati produced by a winery in Lazio with more than two centuries of history, located in the Monte Tuscolo area. Read on to know more

Vineyards alternating with centuries-old olive trees, totalling 50 hectares in the Frascati appellation area: this is the landscape where Casale Marchese, the agricultural estate owned by the Carletti family for two centuries, is developed. The family, now in its seventh generation, includes Alessandro, overseeing the administration, and Ferdinando, who is dedicated to the agronomic sector.

The other protagonist of this long story is the territory of Monte Tuscolo with its hills of volcanic origin: here, rows of vines alternate between international and indigenous grape varieties, resulting in a production that has become a reference for the appellation.

The white wine with the best quality-price ratio according to the Berebene 2024 guide is the result of the blend of native grapes from the estate, which we awarded the National Best Quality-Price White Wine Prize in our Berebene 2024 guide, dedicated to excellent quality wines that cost no more than 20 Euros. We're talking about the Frascati Superiore 2022, where Malvasia from Lazio, Tuscan Trebbiano, Bombino, and Bellone grapes blend to create a highly characteristic white wine. Exclusively aged in steel, it reveals cedar and Mediterranean maquis scents on the nose, boasting a savoury and enveloping palate, taut with mineral notes and a long almond-like finish. Try it with seafood-based pasta courses or vegetable omelets, as well as fresh cheeses.

Best White Quality-Price Ratio in Italy

Frascati Superiore '22 - Casale Marchese

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