The Gambero Rosso wine tasting at Vinitaly and the City in Verona

Apr 5 2024, 15:12
Once again this year, Gambero Rosso offers a rich program of tastings during the Vinitaly and the City off-site event (from April 12th to 15th in Verona). Over 80 wineries will be the protagonists, featuring some of the best wines among those evaluated in the Vini d'Italia guide

The appointments of Vinitaly 2024 do not all end within the fairground perimeter. While the fair remains the center of the wine business, the city has now become the preferred destination for wine lovers.

Vinitaly and the City. Gambero Rosso tastings

The main squares and streets of Verona are ready to welcome thousands of curious wine enthusiasts during the Vinitaly and the City off-site event - scheduled from April 12th to 15th - which takes place in the center of the Scaliger city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a rich calendar of events including tastings, show cooking, exhibitions, and more. Piazza dei Signori, the Cortile del Mercato Vecchio, and the Cortile del Tribunale are the three locations designated for the events, and it is precisely in the latter that Gambero Rosso organizes a large tasting featuring the best labels (many of which have received Tre Bicchieri) from over 80 participating wineries present in the Gambero Rosso 2024 Wine Guide.

The wineries will be divided into two slots: part of them will be featured on Friday and Saturday, and the others on Sunday and Monday. It will be the perfect opportunity to get to know the great interpreters of Italian wine, both well-known companies and small winemakers who are emerging, in an itinerary among prestigious denominations and territories yet to be discovered.

The tasting at tasting stations will be the opportunity to take a nice tour among the vineyards of Italy, among native and international grape varieties. An alternative way to enjoy the most important wine fair and do business in a lighter way between one tasting and another.

Furthermore, as usual, the eve of the Fair is marked by Vinitaly Opera Wine (Gallerie Mercatali, Saturday, April 13th), with 131 producers selected by Wine Spectator and Veronafiere for the 13th edition of the event, which every year shines the spotlight on the ambassadors and iconic labels of Italian wine in the United States. The theme of the layout of Vinitaly Operawine 2024 is opera, now inscribed in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list and a symbol of Verona worldwide thanks to the Arena Opera Festival.

The Vini d'Italia 2024 Guide

The most authoritative guide in the Italian wine sector has reached its 37th edition. Vini d'Italia is the result of the work of an extraordinary group of tasters, over sixty, who have traveled the country far and wide to select only the best: over 25,000 wines reviewed from 2,647 wineries. Addresses and contacts, as well as company sizes (hectares of vineyards and bottles produced), types of viticulture (conventional, organic, biodynamic, or natural), information for visiting and buying directly from the winery, are just some of the indications that intertwine with the stories of territories, wines, styles, and winemakers. Each label is accompanied by the indication of the average price in wine shops, price ranges, and a qualitative judgment based on the Gambero Rosso's famous iconographic system: from one glass up to the coveted Tre Bicchiere, a symbol of excellence in wine production, which this year are 498.

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