The 4 best gelaterias in Rimini and Riccione chosen by Gambero Rosso

Jun 21 2024, 12:38
There are four gelaterias in Rimini and Riccione that have been awarded in our latest Gelaterie d'Italia guide. Take note for your refreshing breaks

The gelaterias not to miss in Rimini and Riccione, according to our latest Gelaterie d'Italia guide, are four. All are attentive to the selection of ingredients and all offer commendable vegan options.

The best Gelaterias in Rimini


With the sea just a few steps away, this gelateria, run by Stefania De Flaviis, offers a jovial and welcoming atmosphere. It adheres to values such as quality ingredients, environmental respect through the use of recycled materials, work ethics, and the desire to provide ice cream that everyone can enjoy. The menu is divided into six columns, featuring classic flavors, more indulgent options, and vegan selections. Noteworthy vegan flavors include lychee and yuzu, lemon and ginger, and strawberry. For a more indulgent option, try the meringue and red fruits flavor inspired by Pavlova. Other highlights include fresh white mint, ricotta and caramelized figs from Romagna, and amaretto and mandarin. Classic flavors like stracciatella, hazelnut, fior d'Amareina, and malaga also satisfy. The gelateria also offers crepes, waffles, milkshakes, ice cream cakes, and yogurt.

Rimini - viale A. Vespucci, 12 - 0541 416262

Il Castello

Located in front of Castel Sismondo, one of Rimini's iconic monuments, this historic gelateria is popular throughout the day and offers rich, creamy ice cream. Using local ingredients and Slow Food Presidia, the menu mainly features creams and nuts throughout the year, with fresh fruit available during the warmer months. Seasonal and creative flavors include the flavor of the month, which can vary from nougat to the evocative Dolce Vita (mascarpone with peanut sauce and peanuts), Red Velvet, Raspberry Meringue, New York Cheesecake, coconut, or rum chocolate with cherries dedicated to Michael Jordan. Among the classics, gianduia stands out. There are also some vegan flavors and fruit flavors like strawberry and lemon. The gelateria offers covered ice creams, pralines, ice cream cakes, and ice cream focaccias.

Rimini - via D. Campana, 1 - 0541 020510 -

Gelateria Biologica Santa Colomba

This gelateria is ideal for those who want straightforward, honest ice cream that highlights the ingredients. Using organic ingredients, the offerings follow the seasons. With a counter featuring pozzetti, flavors listed on the wall, and an orderly queue for cones or cups, the classics are sure to please. Try the pistachio, hazelnut, excellent and balanced dark chocolate, and the virtuous combination of fior di latte with chocolate shavings in the stracciatella. There is always a flavor of the month (the peanut flavor is good), and interesting options like fresh ginger and licorice. Other flavors include apple cinnamon and walnut, English trifle, and coffee cream with salted caramel crumble. The gelateria also offers covered ice cream sticks, ice cream mignons, granitas, and ice cream cakes. Many vegan flavors are available.

Rimini - piazza Malatesta, 35 - 0541 1494018 -

The Best Gelateria in Riccione

Ciò Gelato

A gelateria with a smile, fitting for Riccione. Pierfrancesco Romano and Maurizio Bernardini bring a passion for their craft and years of experience to this gelateria. The menu changes with available products and the gelatiers' inspiration. The region shines through in flavors like custard cream with sour cherry wine and sour cherries, squacquerone cheese with figs and flatbread, and zabaglione with Marsala wine. Fruit is celebrated in flavors like blackberry, blueberry, Saturn peach, and smoked fig. Other highlights include Greek yogurt with sulla honey, white tea, matcha tea, and more. Traditional flavors like bacio with splendid hazelnuts, fior di latte, pistachio, coffee, and malaga are also available. The Sicilian granita is served with a delicious brioche. The gelateria is open seasonally from June to September.

Riccione - viale A. Gramsci, 66 - 0541 089938

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