Tarabini & Aliberti, a modern cucina

Mar 19 2017, 08:00 | by Gambero Rosso

Four hands (and two heads) are at work in this agriturismo restaurant in Valtellina, between Lake Como and the Alps. Pristine nature is the backdrop for creativity and intelligence. Gianni Tarabini and Franco Aliberti turn out modern dishes with powerful colors, compositions and flavors that recount their territory, while looking to the future.

Nature and traditions look to the future

La Fiorida is constantly bringing new ideas to their patrimony of nature and tradition. Their frequent participation in events bringing the worlds of Italian and international chefs together leads to stimulating outcomes. "The recent collaboration with Franco Aliberti has brought further flavor, health and emotion to every dish".

For ten years, Gianni Tarabini has headed Preséf, the restaurant inside the Tenuta la Fiorida. He is a professional who recognizes the unique value of what he has at hand - access to freshly grown produce and the ability to add creativity and intelligence to these ingredients, knowing them as intimately as he does. The high quality agricultural products of this farm, its cheeses and cured meats, have found a new interpreter in Franco Aliberti. He explores new expressions for the natural flavors of the territory between Lake Como and the Alps. A well-consolidated team includes four chefs who are members of Euro Toques.

In 2007, Gianni Tarabini came to this farm in Mantello (near Sondrio) bringing with him his own cooking experiences of northern Italy. He offered new interpretations of the wealth of ingredients produced by farm owner, Plinio Vanni. "Ours was teamwork", the chef said. "It strengthened step by step as the farm grew. I am a taste artisan, devoted to our guests. The Fiorida dairy and butcher also give me ingredients that inspire me and are the foundation of the stories I tell in each dish. The whole territory and the valleys around us complement my pantry".

Franco Aliberti looks at the kitchen from the perspective of a pastry chef. He brings new ideas to that world, after having worked with great names such as Marchesi, Alajmo and Bottura, and after a formative experience with Èvviva in Riccione, with the leader of San Patrignano, Andrea Muccioli. Everything Aliberti does in the kitchen reflects the reality of the land, of ecology, of sustainability and respect for nature. From the collaboration of these two chefs emerge intriguing dishes, beautiful to the eyes and the palate, like those we present here, from 'migrazione' of mozzarella to the composition of herbal aromas in Wild, a dessert that breaks the rules.

La Preséf | Agriturismo la Fiorida | Mantello (SO) | via Lungo Adda, 12 | tel. 0342 680846 | www.lapresef.com | www.lafiorida.com

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