Tacocina, Mexican food in Brooklyn. Danny Meyer and the area's urban redevelopment project

Oct 3 2018, 08:09 | by Michela Becchi

After focusing on international and Italian cuisine, Danny Meyer is now dedicated to Mexican food, with a new restaurant in Brooklyn. Here are the details.


Danny Meyer's projects

Shake Shack, Union Square Cafe and the wine bar of his dreams, Vini e Fritti, inspired by Roman cuisine and its eating habits, an Italian-style wine bar that, with the new Caffè Marchio, completes the Italian food hub by Meyer, with adjacent pizzeria Marta. The empire created by the genius of Danny Meyer knows no boundaries: after focusing on international and Italian cuisine, the entrepreneur is now dedicated to Mexican cuisine, with a new restaurant entirely focused on tacos, ubiquitous Central American street food par excellence.

The new restaurant

The new venture is called Tacocina, which opened a few months ago in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in the space recreated by the James Corner Field Operations studio in the disused area of the former Domino sugar refinery. Two and a half hectares of completely abandoned beachfront park area, now reborn thanks to the project design group, which has turned it into a natural oasis with sunbathing area, a playground and the new Meyer venue. A stand that will be led by Mexican native Barbara Garcia, former Union Square Cafe sous chef.


The menu

Six different types of tacos, from pork and mango to shrimp and siamese pumpkin, as well as beef and salsa negra. With two vegetarian options: mushrooms and corn sauce, and taco al cotija, Mexican cow's milk cheese. And then chips, guacamole, chicharrones (fried pork rind) with cheese, shrimp cocktails, vanilla ice cream and many other sides and desserts complete the offer. In combination with Latin specialties, cocktails of different types, including a mezcal negroni that promises to become the signature cocktail of the place, plus wine and craft beers.


by Michela Becchi

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