Studying sustainability at the University of Siena

Apr 15 2017, 07:00 | by Gambero Rosso

A Master in Wine Sustainability is the new project launched by the University of Siena, in collaboration with the Santa Chiara Lab platform for innovation and Gambero Rosso Academy.

This ambitious initiative, begun in January, 2016 is part of larger plan that follows the directives imposed by the new rules of “Equalitas-Vino Sostenibile”. The Siena plan proposes a single approach to sustainability in the grape-growing and winemaking sector based on three pilasters – social, environmental and economic – and on the promotion of a collective brand that provides a guarantee to the consumer.

In the wine world today, the need for training based on a new business paradigm is growing, one that looks after the environment and social relations but is at the same time highly competitive”, said Maria Pia Maraghini, the head of the scientific aspects of the Master. “It is on this basis that the Master in Wine Sustainability was established”.

The training project will take off in November, 2017. Gambero Rosso, which has always been involved in food and wine education, for both students and businesses, will also participate. “The idea is to join training and research. In this context, Gambero Rosso is an indispensable player in our view thanks to its great competence in matters of laboratories of sensorial analysis and integrated sustainability in wineries”, added Patrice De Micco, operations coordinator.

The Master in Wine Sustainability will offer recent university graduates courses articulated in seven modules and three laboratories. Of these seven modules, three will be available singularly as training courses to permit those without university degrees but already working in the sector to deepen their own knowledge of government, marketing, communication and integrated sustainability in winemaking companies.

The objective is to offer a new opportunity to all winemaking enterprises determined to strengthen their strategies, improve their performance in a constantly evolving market, and approach sustainability no longer as a cost, but as a factor in profit and growth.

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