Starbucks has opened in the heart of Rome

May 10 2023, 11:39 | by Michela Becchi
Starbucks in the centre of Rome: coffee shop opens in May near Montecitorio. At last, the wait is over: Starbucks is about to open its doors in the heart of the Italian capital, in a space that extends on three floors on Via della Guglia. Save the date: May 10.

It was the most eagerly awaited opening by the loyalists of the American chain: Starbucks has opened in the centre of Rome, at a stone's throw from Montecitorio, on May 10, 2023. The Schultz-branded company's landing in the capital started a year ago, in April 2022, within the Castel Romano outlet, an open-air mall that is always very crowded, popular with Romans and tourists. A well-executed strategic move - and no wonder, given the continuing successes of an enterprise that is anything but improvised - that now scores another goal on Italian soil with the Starbucks on Via della Guglia, 56. It doesn’t get more central than that!

Why a Starbucks in Rome was needed

This is news that will cheer travellers who have had the opportunity to discover frappuccinos and iced coffees in the chain's many outlets around the world, but must make Romans proud first and foremost. We have spoken on several occasions of the many benefits of Starbucks' presence in Italy, especially at the opening of the beautiful Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Milan. And once again we reiterate the fundamental role that such a change can bring to a country like ours, where coffee culture is indeed historic and fascinating, but equally backward in terms of trends, care of hardware, choice and preservation of the beans, preparations and offer, which in most bars remains limited only to espresso (in its many variations) that in many cases is mediocre. Rome in particular still offers an unexciting scene for lovers of black gold, the specialty lovers who at the coffee bar counter expect to find properly extracted beverages and offered in multiple versions. The exceptions, of course, are not lacking and the places where to drink a good cup are there but too few for a metropolis like Rome, which will benefit from this new breath of fresh air.

Starbucks in the centre-and at Termini, too?

 Few internationally renowned brands are as divisive as the Seattle giant. Starbucks polarises, it always has. There are those who love it and those who consider it an insult to the art of coffee. Yet, there’s one more way to stand in terms of Shultz's green siren: forget the more pop side of excessive whipped cream and syrups, taking as an example the professional approach of the staff, the excellent service offered, the varied offerings, and the seasonality of the food options. And, last but not least, the wit with which the chain moves in each country, as in the case of Oleato, the coffee with extra virgin olive oil designed for Italian outlets: olive oil in the morning has always been consumed in many territories of the Italian peninsula, but we needed Starbucks to rethink the strategies for promoting our excellence. Starbucks is always talked about a lot. And even on the Rome city location several hypotheses were rumoured: many thought it would open in Termini station (where most likely, in fact, another branch will rise, opening date still to be defined), others in Piazza Venezia, or even in the Galleria Alberto Sordi. Finally we will soon see the space on Via della Guglia developed on three levels, where the company's logo had already appeared a few weeks ago. And that very soon will welcome Romans and tourists: stay tuned.

by Michela Becchi

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