Where to eat supplì in Rome: the best in the eternal city

Jun 21 2022, 08:28 | by Michela Becchi
Crunchy and melty, supplì remains a favourite street food of local Romans and tourists looking for a delicious snack. Where to eat the best? Here is our ranking.

Supplì in Rome

Surprise. Which is pronounced exactly as it is read, in French: supris. This is the origin of the term supplì, the Romans' most loved street food, a rice croquette with tomato that hides a heart of stringy mozzarella at its centre. From the mangling of the name adopted by the French soldiers present in Rome in the 19th century to describe the wonder finding the melted cheese, it passed to the Roman "suprisa," which was later transformed into "supprisa," "supprì" and eventually supplì. And still today the fried symbol of the eternal city never ceases to surprise, in the simpler classic version or in the many modern and original variations. The choice between pizzerias, street food stalls and bakeries is wide, which is why we have decided to draw up a list of must-visit establishments.

The best supplì in Rome


If even a top chef like Arcangelo Dandini has decided to open a place dedicated to supplì, it means that this fried food plays a fundamental role for the Romans. At Supplizio you can choose from many delicacies: the classic is a must, but also the all'arrabbiata and the butter and anchovies variant. Whatever the choice, the breading is thick, deliberately coarse and very crunchy, the chef's trademark.

Supplizio – via dei Banchi Vecchi, 143 - supplizioroma.it/

I Supplì

Reference address in the heart of Trastevere and an unmissable stop for those looking for a quick and tasty meal, including pizza by the slice and supplì, the real stars of the place. The traditional variety have abundant tomato sauce and a heart of stringy mozzarella able to create that "telephone cord" effect that lovers of the genre, especially tourists are enticed by. The ideal place for those who love simple and genuine flavours.

I Supplì – via San Francesco a Ripa, 137- suppliroma.it/


Stefano Callegari doesn't need much of an introduction. In addition to having invented a new - now iconic - street food in Rome, inserting traditional sauces in a triangular pizza pouch, the artisan also deserves credit for having innovated the very concept of supplì. The traditional one is unbeatable, but Trapizzino's proposal changes constantly and the many creative variations (garlic, oil and chilli pepper; asparagus and lemons; aubergine parmigiana…) are irresistible. Obviously, the fried foods in the other Callegari establishments are equally excellent (Sbanco, Tonda, Sforno).

Trapizzino - p.le di Ponte Milvio, 13 – via Giovanni Branca, 88 – Piazza Trilussa, 46 – Roma Termini – trapizzino.it

Panificio Bonci e Pizzarium

Pizzarium is the realm of pizza by the slice, while Panificio includes more baked goods, from bread to desserts, but in any case the signature here belongs to maestro Gabriele Bonci. Who proves to be number one also in terms of fried foods, making supplì and croquettes of all kinds, with a crunchy and non-oily breading and a delicious and perfectly balanced filling. The flavours available are manifold and change on rotation, always giving space to ethical ingredients, coming from niche and sustainable producers: in short, a real surprise every time.

Panificio Bonci – via Trionfale, 36 – www.bonci.it

Pizzarium – via della Meloria, 43 – www.bonci.it

La casa del supplì

Historical reference point for food lovers looking for a tasty and well made hunger buster. The headquarters first opened in Trastevere, followed by a branch in Piazza Re di Roma, but the secret of success remains the same: a crispy pizza by the slice and traditional supplì, made as they once were, the kind that never reserve bad surprises. Also try the cacio e pepe variant.

La casa del supplì – Piazza Re di Roma, 20 – lacasadelsuppli.it/

La Gatta Mangiona

Before enjoying an excellent pie at La Gatta Mangiona you should also indulge in a little fried starter, properly made and seasoned with excellent ingredients. Classic; scampi and green apples with curry; pumpkin and caciocavallo; pork ribs; bollito… there are many options to choose from and which change according to season. Regardless of taste, quality is guaranteed!

La Gatta Mangiona – via Federico Ozanam, 30/32 - lagattamangiona.com/

Seu Pizza Illuminati

Now there is also a Roman-style thin crust pizza place on Ostia Lido seafront, but whatever the chosen address, Pier Daniele Seu's fried foods are the best way to start dinner. In addition to exquisite cod fillets and tasty pasta omelettes, the pizza maker creates crispy and stringy supplì. The simpler one with tomato and fiordilatte cheese is always on the menu (and never disappoints!). But there are also seasonal variations such as asparagus and lemon in spring, and then more original flavours like Zia Lise, with seafood fregola and tomato.

Seu Pizza Illuminati – via Angelo Bargoni, 10/18 – seu-pizza-illuminati.business.site/

Food Box

Fried food lovers will find the croquettes of their dreams. Among the many food stalls at the Testaccio Market, Food Box is dedicated to street food: supplì, fried pastry cream, cod fillets and Jewish style artichokes. There are also traditional dishes, but the supplì dominates the scene, declined in several variations.

Food Box – via Beniamino Franklin – 12 – foodboxroma.business.site/


Place of the heart for all lovers of pizza by the slice in Fiumicino, the temple of Franco Di Lelio and sons Emiliano and Andrea also stands out for the quality of its fritti, which boast a tasty, crisp and exquisite breading that's never oily. Try the one with cod dipped in sauce and Taggiasca olives; or the porchetta in a potato crust, or the traditional one with tomato, in addition to the many seafood options perfect for those who want to savour the classic fish dishes in mignon (and deep fried) version.

Sancho – via della Torre Clementina, 142 – facebook.com/PizzeriaSancho1969

I fritti de Sora Milvia

From meatballs to codfish, from mozzarella in carrozza to fried pastry cream, this quality fry shop on Via Cassia offers a lot of delicacies able to conquer everyone. Of course, the Roman fry par excellence is present, and prepared in a multitude of flavours: amatriciana - exquisite - cacio e pepe; radicchio and gorgonzola and also a version filled with meat ragù.

I fritti de Sora Milvia – via Cassia, 4 – facebook.com/ifrittidesoramilvia/

Pizza Chef

Fillings change with the seasons at Pizza Chef, a pizzeria by the slice in the Tuscolana neighbourhood that knows its stuff even on the fried front. The classic tomato supplì is well made and tasty, but also the carbonara one, creamy and balanced, as well as the vegetarian options with fresh vegetables.

Pizza Chef  - via Clelia, 63 a - facebook.com/pizzachefroma/?ref=page_internal

by Michela Becchi

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