Recipes from great chefs. Sea bass, arugula and tomato by Angelo Sabatelli

Oct 12 2018, 06:00 | by Michela Becchi

Fan of sea bass? Here's a very tasty recipe created by a great Italian chef from Apulia, Angelo Sabatelli.  


Sea bass, arugula and tomato

Yields 4 servings

Yuzu gel

150 g yuzu juice

75 g water

15 g water (optional)

3,5 g agar agar


60 g wide leaf arugula

2 green shiso leaves (perilla frutescens)

1 g hazelnut oil

10 g extra-virgin olive oil


Baked sea bass sauce

300 g sea bass bones

50 g ramato variety heirloom tomato, chopped

20 g lemon (squeezed and chopped)

20 g white wine

1 garlic clove

6 Leccino olives

4 parsley stems

1 l water

Candied tomato

50 g candied tomato petals

3 g lemon zest

Sea bass fillets

4 Sea bass fillets, each weighing approx. 120 g

1 g Sansho pepper

20 g extra-virgin olive oil


For the yuzu gel: In a small saucepan, boil the water with sugar and agar agar, when boiling, remove from the stove, add yuzu juice and transfer immediately to a chilled container. Once solid, mince and sear until creamy and velvety. Pass through a strainer, place in a squeeze bottle and store in the fridge.

Prep the arugula: julienne the arugula and shiso finely and store in the fridge. When ready to use, season with salt and the two oils.

For the sea bass sauce: put all ingredients in a shallow oven pan and bake at 180° for approx. 30 minutes, turn the bones over and bake an additional 30 minutes. Filter the obtained broth and discard all solids. Reduce the broth to have circa 200 g of liquid, season to taste.

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