Recipes from great chefs. Controcorrente by Tarabini & Aliberti

Mar 22 2017, 11:49 | by Gambero Rosso

Four hands (and two heads) are at work in this agriturismo restaurant in Valtellina, between Lake Como and the Alps. Pristine nature is the backdrop for creativity and intelligence. Gianni Tarabini and Franco Aliberti turn out modern dishes with powerful colors, compositions and flavors that recount their territory, while looking to the future.



For the eel

2 large eel

extra-virgin olive oil

soy sauce

Remove the skin from the eel and reserve. Fillet and vacuum-pack the eel with olive oil. Cook in a water bath at 75 C for three hours. Cool quickly, remove any bones and spread soy sauce on one side of the slices. Cook the surface with a direct flame.

For the lacquered skin

250 g water

400 g sugar

mix of blended spices (cinnamon, anise, cardamom, vanilla, juniper, cloves, fennel seeds, pink pepper, black pepper, white pepper)

Prepare a syrup, bringing sugar and water to a boil.

Add the spice mixture and filter after a few hours. Place the skin on a baking sheet (previously vacuum-cooked in a water bath at 90 C for 2 hours), and remove all fat. Place a weight on top, as if to iron it while cooking and eliminate and further excess fat. Bake at 190 C and check after ten minutes, pressing down the weight to make the fat come out. Repeat the operation until the skin begins to dry and brown. Brush with the prepared syrup on both sides of the skin, baking for about 6 minutes on each side. When it has a uniform brown color, cook and put aside.

For the corncob cream

one fresh corncob

salt and pepper

Extract the juice from the corncob with the help of an extractor. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Add salt and pepper to taste. Assemble the dish, placing a spoonful of corncob cream on the bottom, a slice of eel on top. Top with the lacquered skin.

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