Polls. American and Italian Millennials compared: how and why they choose

May 6 2017, 07:00 | by Gambero Rosso

How do Millennials choose wine? Packaging plays an important role but each country is different. Verallia-WineMonitor has compared American and Italian youngest wine consumers: here are the results.

The research

Millennials are the most promising age bracket for wine consumption. In the United States, a top market for Italian wine, this group accounts for 42% of the volume imported. The Millennial world in Italy refers to the population between 18 and 35; in the United States, to those between 21 and 35. Producers observe and study them. Glass container producer Verallia, a world leader with revenues of over 2.5 billion euros annually, presented, along with WineMonitor, a survey of consumers in the most important states (California, Florida, New York, Oregon e Illinois), aimed at understanding how these young people chose what wine to drink, compared to those in Italy.

The results

The results show that American Millennials who drink wine (29% are habitual consumers) choose on the basis of the notoriety of the brand (32%), the type of wine (21%) and the price (20%). Italians (35% are habitual consumers) choose on the basis of the type of wine (51%) and the territory of origin (21%). According to the research (a sample of 1,200 in the United States and 1,000 in Italy,) there are also 10% of American Millennials and 5% of Italians in that age range who indicate that their first criteria is packaging and the aesthetic aspect of the bottle. The determining factor in their purchase is the originality, shape, consistency and color of the bottle. When asked what characteristics of wine packaging will create new consumer trends, the Italian and American Millennials agreed. 33-35% would opt for wines with more personalized bottles, 20-31% mentioned eco-sustainable packaging, and 14%, look for a small bottle.

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